8 comments on “Winter Is Here… Brrrr!!

    • Trust me… there are days when that idea has tip-toed into my mind.

      Problem is… I really love cooking. Being Boss can be a pain… but it also gives me a lot of freedom to do what I want food-wise. Hard to want to give that up. 😉

      • I forgot what I want to say when i see Marcel and your comment 😉

        I know exactly how you feel! My job now is tiring but I like it because I can teach wonderful kids

      • It’s the funniest thing. Back in college I would never have guessed I’d end up as a cook. Or that… for the most part… that I’d like it so much as I do. In a kitchen I’ve always felt so darn comfortable. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever felt that way doing many other things, but when it comes to all things “kitchen-y” it’s all good. 🙂

  1. Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving. An unfortunate story but reading it to the end did cheer me up 🙂

    What movies did you pick? I always have trouble when trying to choose something with more appeal for a wider audience.

    • I sooooo needed that “recharge” for my spirit and being with Sandra’s family is always fun and relaxing.

      Picking movies was easy…. they had to be something I could find at the mall and as most of the stuff Carolyn and I watch at home is foreign, there’s always something Region 1 that I’ve missed catching. I selected the silly Irish monster fest “Grabbers” because I knew it would be light fluffy fun in the vein of those old 50’s monster movies I loved as a little girl… perfect to keep Adam amused and happy while being fun for everybody else. Then… for once Adam was ready for bed, I picked out “The Moth Diaries” for some vampire/ chic flix viewing that Carolyn, Maddy, and her Mom would like. Allan…. well… he’s a good sport, so I knew he’d be on board with them all.

      “Grabbers” was reminiscent of “Tremors” and actually a pretty fun watch…. and I’ll be giving it a Review tomorrow after work if I get home early enough to do some proper writing….

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