5 comments on “Stressed Out….

  1. You and I are on the same situation now…how I long for December 23 to come, school holiday is a bliss.

    Fortunately, I have a date with Hyde (a music concert) in the end of November…I so need that break. Hope you will have your break too soon 🙂

    • Sigh…. No luck so far. Work is just hammering at me of late making my life hectic and stressful. So much so that Sam has taken to calling me “Mistress Cranky Pants” at work in an effort to make me smile more and relax at times when things get particularly rough. Thankfully now I’ve got Carolyn to make my home life better these days otherwise I’d probably lose it for certain.

      We’ve been spending lots more time just trying to enjoy ourselves outside of our collective job responsibilities of late so it’s really cut into the time I used to have to do most of my own personal hobbies… like being productive here at the ol’ Litterbox. I keep meaning to get back to posting but finding the hours to buckle down and write has been difficult this month. But I’ll shake this lethargy and inactivity soon and get back to my normal posting again… hopefully before you get to see your concert… 🙂

      • I always manage to sneak in once in a while…well at least for my turtle’s blog. My own blog has more views but my turtle’s blog always has people commenting on it so I try to udpate it as much I can.

        You’re lucky to have someone to cheer you up 😉

  2. Well gosh, I do hope things improve soon. I don’t enjoy the stress of the holidays. Just trying to get groceries can be a pain in the posterior. It’s good that you have Carolyn. The kitty helps too. 🙂

  3. Work has been soooo darn busy these last few months… not certain what combination of elements has caused it all, but coping with the extra stuff has been a pain.

    I’ve been just terrible though at keeping regular here at the Litterbox since the end of October and that’s something I really need to do something about. Today is a day off for me… yep… an entire day off…. so I’m setting myself the goal of doing at least one review before Carolyn makes it home this afternoon. She a sweetie… but such a distracting sweetie…. and once she gets here I just know she’ll have plans for dinner before we head out to Tai Chi class.

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