6 comments on ““House On Haunted Hill” (1959) – Classic American Ghost/ Horror

  1. I am intrigued reading your review but seeing trailer put me off a bit…all those screaming make me want to laugh. I know it’s funny for someone to be laughing when someone screams in terror…but I can’t help it, it’s just so funny seeing people scream like that

    • Hahahaha!! That’s pretty much the way I reacted waaaay back when I was a little girl watching these old movies for the first time. They were so quaint and old fashioned and some of the things that made the women scream were so obviously fake like the skeleton puppet on a wire that even as a kid you feel like they are funny as well as a little scary.

      It’s movies like this that began the role of the “scream queens”…. actresses that were known back then for being able to scream like banshees when they needed to and they specialized in starring in horror films. There isn’t anything comparable in movies today because most actors try to be less “theatrical” and more realistic and natural in their portrayals.

      Have you seen any of these older movies? If not you are missing some real gems. I was soooo fond of Vincent Price as a little girl, now his movies were the best!

      • Maybe when I was younger but I couldn’t remember it anymore.

        I only remember the old movies but already colored like The Exorcist and The Omen

      • What a coincidence! The DVD that I watched for “House on Haunted Hill” had both the original Black & White version on the disc as well as a colorized one. I watched the Black & White version…. but then I wanted the experience to be as close to when I saw it as a little girl as possible. 😉

  2. Growing up, we had Horror & Sci-fi Movie double features on late Fridays and sometimes Saturday nights. The Horror Hosts were always either TV Weathermen or Kiddie Show Hosts that needed the over-time.

    When House on Haunted Hill came out, I was four. I have seen it repeatedly at drive-ins and regular theatres. After seeing a colorized version of Night of the Living Dead, I avoid colorization. It ruins the intended contrasts and drama of black and white.

    In the 60’s and early 70’s my family went to either Northern or Southern California on vacations. Some TV Stations played B&W Horror and Sci-fi seven days a week. It made my nightmares play out in black and white too. Waking up was a relief when you began seeing colors again. I loved black and white and limited palette Horror Movies. Fever dreams were usually in a higher contrast black and white or a monochromatic color. By contrast, pleasant dreams were usually in a Surrealistic Technicolor.

    PS I love your website and have added it to my Bookmarks. It’s fun to look at and read!

    • Welcome to the Litterbox! 🙂

      It’s always nice to have one of my Gentle Visitors chime in with thier own fond memories of the goofy old horror movies of yesteryear. It certainly made being a kid so much more fun way back then to have these old films on the TV to enjoy. I’m kinda sad that today’s youth misses that.

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