2 comments on ““Ghost Child” aka “鬼仔” (2013) – Singapore Ghost/ Horror

  1. I’ve watched it recently. No, not on the streaming site. I bought a legit dvd. Why? Because Gilbert Chan is a great Director, in my opinion. Especially after 23:59 movie.

    It reminded me a lot to Janin and Dark Water though. The noble sacrifices a mother would do for their child. I might avoid this mother-ghost child theme in the future. It just sad. No point watching a horror movie if you just sit there being sad instead of scare.

    • I see a lot of these “ghost baby” movies from Asia… it seems they really resonate with audiences over there, whereas here in the US such a theme is rare in our horror movies.

      Here evil babies monster movies are usually about mutants or genetically deformed creatures. But then our ghost stories are ordinarily different in general too from what you get in Asian films.

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