3 comments on ““Djinns” aka “Stranded” (2010) – French Horror

  1. I have not seen this film but found the post very interesting.

    Indeed, in Oman, Djinns is a common belief of many and there are places with weird supernatural stories about them. I am told that Djinns , apart from possessing evil power, can also help you with finding treasures if they are in the right mood! So, how does one get them into the right mood I wonder?


    • Welcome to the ol’ Litterbox Shakti, glad you found something amongst my goofy ramblings you enjoyed.

      I know very little about African beliefs in the Djinn, most of my exposure to them has been through Turkish films or Malay ones so it’s always nice to encounter something new Movie-wise. For the most part they don’t seem anything like the “genies’ I grew up with as a wee girl… (Somehow I doubt our French guys would have minded encountering Barbara Eden out there in the desert, Hehehehe!! 😉 )

  2. It sounds promising…but I understand what you meant by something is missing. It’s like when I watched insidious, there’s something missing there that I can’t quite put it in words.

    Djins are bothy good and evil…in Islam, there are some Muslim djinns among the kafir ones.

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