7 comments on ““Pacific Rim” (2013) – American Sci-Fi Action Blockbuster

  1. I avoid reading your review in detail, only the last part which is your rating 😉
    People have been saying about how good this movie is! I am planning to watch it this Monday and then I will read your review fully 🙂

    You gave it 3 meaow….hmmm I wonder how I will think after watching it later

    • By all means let me know when you do… I’m aware you watch all sorts of Anime, so it would be neat to see what you think of this one, given how much of an anime inspired vibe it has. 😉

      • Aaarrghhh!! I still haven’t seen it yet 😦
        It’s so busy in this new school. Hope it’ll still be there on School holiday which start next week (Thursday).

  2. Thought this was a lot more fun than I expected. And I actually did think that the “drift” made for a nice shortcut to make the romance work.

    It’s the first film in a while where I’ve been really impressed by the effects and really made me feel like a 12 year old. In fact I’d love to watch this as a 12 year old, may well be the best film ever 🙂

    But bloody hell are films loud these days!

    • Hell yes, the film was loud! The funny thing was, that is pretty much all I told Miyuki about it in our initial email arrangements for these posts. And somehow, neither of us actually mentioned it!

  3. Mmmmm… it was indeed that. Thankfully we didn’t have that super Dolby surround sound in our local theater or it probably would have deafened us.

  4. I actually got the impression that one of the front speakers for dialogue had been blown at the cinema. To compensate they just turned up the volume on everything else. I really couldn’t understand half of what was said.

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