9 comments on ““Ek Thi Daayan…” (2013) – Hindi Witchcraft/ Horror

    • Oh yes… 😉

      Hindi film audiences love their singing and dancing… There’s a snazzy lil sequence in the middle of our film during Bobo’s marriage party to Tamara that lets everybody in on the fun. Add in another that runs during the final credits and they just abut hit all the high points for that sort of stuff.

      • It’s most definitely an odd thing the first time you see one of these films… and I’ve never found another world cinema that likes it the way they do, but you can get used to it. Not to mention that the musical bits are integrated so darn much better in their more recent films. They have become much more polished and “western” in their feel than they used to be.

        And… in a romantic movie… the musical stuff always works so much better than any of the other genres. 😉

      • Unfortunately I can’t get used to it. My parents sometimes watched Indian Movies and then I left them and read book.

    • It’s creepy… with some neat folklore elements… but I have to say the romantic story has a very bittersweet ending from what you’d expect seeing the trailer. Definitely one I think you might like, though.

  1. Now this is why I love your blog. I’m always finding new movies from far away (I’m from Portugal) here! Just wish you could post more. :/

    • I know…. I’ve been a real slacker lately and let my postings and Reviews slip yet again. 😦

      Work has been a real bear of late… but I’ve got another Review for the recent Hindi Zombie comedy “Go Goa Gone” trapped in draft form just waiting for me to get the chance to finish it properly. If the “Movie Fairies” are kind I might just manage to finish it up later today…. if work doesn’t steal all my life away again that is… 🙂

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