4 comments on ““Sembunyi: Amukan Azazil” (2013) – Malay Horror

  1. That’s a bit weird…but nice twist tho.
    About the demons and jinn, no nice demon is right…but there are many nice jinn. There are even muslim jinn. They two are different creature, Jinn and Satan (we don’t actually have demon, it’s satan)

    • That was the thing that had me so confused. From watching other Malay films I had the idea that using magic or trafficking with the Jinn was a big no-no for a Muslim. Like that Toyol movie I saw a while back. He was a pretty harmless little guy and more like a pet than a monster but they kept saying that it was forbidden to deal with him.

      It’s like that in Indonesian folklore too? I would really be interested in hearing about those “good jinn”. Maybe you could write a post about it for curious folk like me. 😉

      • using them is a big no no because that means you don’t believe in God. We have to work and believe that God will give us way to earn our living but some people do magic and have something like Tuyul are people who walked away from God.

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