6 comments on “Father’s Day… Zombie Apocalypse Style

      • I watched this just today, and as you guessed it?…Waterworks! Myself being a single parent to my 5 year old little girl, this short film needless to say, had my eyes welling and my jaw dropped throughout. Glad you posted this little gem, thank you!

      • I’m a pretty tough cookie… and zombie movies are my thing but this lil’ film had me in tears by it’s end. So damn touching.

  1. Excellent post! I always enjoy a good zombie post (plus catgirls are awesome!). If you are interested, and I am not trying to spam you here (though I’m sure that exactly what spammers say :), then head on over to The Disorder here on WordPress and check out our new Project Z area which will specialize in zombie posts. The rest of the site is us trying to be funny and we would really appreciate feedback if you have the time! I try to go around and comment on blogs because I know how difficult getting comments can be! Anyway, I’m sure I’ve taken up a lot of your time but I enjoyed this and just wanted to let you know!

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