9 comments on ““The Tower” (“타워”) (2012) – Korean Action/ Disaster Blockbuster

  1. “But the real nervousness came from the disappointment which was the Director’s previous effort “Sector 7”.”

    Damn, that’s four or five away from the top of my queue right now, planning on trying to get to it this weekend.

    (And wasn’t there an American rom-com a few years ago with a kitchen manager as the female lead? It’s too early in the day for my brain to be working…)

    • Robert
      Sorry to have laid a damp cloth over your potential Sector 7 fire of potential enjoyment! As always, much better to cast your own opinions! It was a troubled film in both genesis and execution, and did terribly in the domestic Korean market… Which made me somewhat shocked that he was trusted with The Tower a year later. However, it’s a guilty pleasure, and anything with Ha Ji-won in it is always worth at least a glance!

      It’s problem is that it is the second best monster movie from Korea. But as The Host is easily the best, it’s a bit like saying Godfather III is the third best Godfather movie. But your opinion is allowed to vary… Indeed what a dull world would it be if it couldn’t?

  2. Ooohhh!! There’s lots of us lady cooks in romantic comedies…. but what this wee Catgirl always likes is when one of us actually gets to be the Heroine in something with a bit more drama and action. 😉

    “Sector 7”… I remember that one. Not a bad movie… pretty much sort of a re-hash of “Alien” though, but with an oil platform instead of a spaceship. Hardly the most original monster movie ever made, but a nice bit of eye-candy in any event.

  3. This is a cool duo review!! I should ask my friend Jason to do this too 😉 we have done double review twice. We both love Japanese movies. Talking about Japanese? Do you like anime? My latest post is about an on going series of Giants who like to eat mankind 😉

    When the movie came out, I was planning to see it…this movie was fortunate because some cinema decided to play it…however, I was quite busy at that time and finally missed it. After reading your review…I guess I didn’t miss much. Maybe I will just wait for it on TV … tho TV always dub asian movies 😦

    • These are fun to do! Perhaps you and I could do one sometime, Novia… and I will even let you pick the movie, Hehehe!! 😉

      I do watch anime… when I can give it the attention it needs for a series. For me it is hard to sit through an entire series on DVD… I keep getting distracted by new movies and sort of let my interest lapse. I have much better luck with anime movies. The one you mention about the man eating giants sounds good… I will have to look around and see if I can find it.

      “The Tower” was a bit of a mixed bag… Stephen didn’t end up liking it much at all, but for me it was better. I had lots of fond memories of watch the old “disaster” movies, and Carolyn liked the drama of it… especially with no ghosts, monsters, or ninjas in sight. There are times I know she wonders why I am such a movie geek… but she is sweet to put up with my tastes. 😉

      • I’d loved to do one with you 🙂
        I Samurai Movie okay? I have Harakiri ready to be watched.

        Ow…the anime is fabulous..so far!

        I can understand Stephan’s point of view and yours and decided to wait.

        Poor Carolyn 😉

      • Ooohh!! I do like samurai movies, and it would be fun doing one with you Novia…

        Which version of “Harakiri” do you mean? The old 1962 version…

        Or the newer one by Takashi Miike that came out last year?

        I’m thinking the new one… right? 😉 If so, I’ll have to pick up a copy of the DVD, as I haven’t gotten it yet, but I’m definitely game for it.

  4. I love the ’62 version and haven’t yet seen Miike’s.

    Can I be so bold as to ask the favour that any review makes good mention of the original 🙂

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