9 comments on ““Flukt” aka “Escape” (2010) – Norwegian Historical Action/ Thriller

  1. Killing one raider who foolishly tries to rape her by whacking him in the head with a rock, they then leave his body behind without even taking any of his weapons or possessions to help them as they stumble around in the wilderness

    Huahahahahaha….I often wondered about this whenever I see similar movie scene. Or something like not checking whether the attacker is already death or not and if he is still alive, shouldn’t they tie him or something.

    • You would think they would do at least something like that. This one was most definitely dead…. Signe hits him with a big pointy rock and he sits up looking all stupid and confused with blood pouring out of the side of his head like a water fountain before he keels over.

      The thing that gets you is that the two girls ran away from Dagmar’s camp with only the thin clothes on their backs and no food, water or tools to help them live at all. This man has a big chopping sword, a knife and a warm cloak to keep them from freezing in the mountains but they don’t think to steal any of it. I realize they were scared… but these were people who grew up knowing the value of what was needed to survive. It’s silly to see them forget all that….. Silly, silly, silly.

  2. haha I know how you fell. I have an anime I am going to review tomorrow or the day after, I like it but there are part that I think a bit silly too

  3. That does indeed sound very silly. Both on part of the characters and the film makers. It’s like, duh!, didn’t they even think about this. LOL.

    Anyhoo, I live in this wild Scandinavia and embarrassingly enough the only entries to this new (or not so new any longer) Nordic horror genre that I’ve watched are THE TROLL HUNTER and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – the latter I watched only a few days ago (I liked it and I’ll start checking out the rest of them soon). ^_^

    • Well, there’s also “Fritt Vilt” and it’s sequels… “Snarveien” aka “Detour”… and “Dead Snow” to consider too.

      You probably suffer the same problem I do Jack… I’m always so busy chasing films from everywhere else around the world that truthfully I miss lots of the ones made right here in the US. If Carolyn didn’t like a “Movie Nite” out at the cinema now and again, I’d probably miss them all…. 😉

  4. Alright, I’ve finally begun to watch new Scandinavian horror films! LOL. I loved FRITT VILT 1 and 2!! I’m taking a break from my blogs but instead my doing some short, fun reviews on YouTube now.


  5. Hmm, I didn’t know it would embed the video when I linked to it. Argh. Feel free to chuck out the embedding, Miss Nekoneko (and imagine embarrassed smiley here).

    • Hahaha!! It surprised me the first time WordPress did that to a comment of mine too.

      No worries though… I’m certain many of my Gentle Visitors will find your Video review quite useful. 😉

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