3 comments on ““Modus Anomali” (2012) – Indonesian Suspense / Horror

  1. Great review, Miyuki!!
    I still haven’t seen it yet but you make me want to see it now.
    Although I am an Indonesian, I don’t watch many Indonesian movies 😉

    • Mr Anwar is a very talented director with his own flair for film… He’s a filmmaker I’m glad to have discovered and one that Indonesia can be proud to call their own. I really do think you would like this one Novia given how you like suspense stories. Your stories remind me of films like this.

      You are soooo like me in that you are so busy watching the cinema and TV of other counties that you sometimes neglect your own!! 😉
      I watch so many things from outside the US that many good films made here slip right by me until Carolyn tells me about them.

      • I neglect my own because most are rubbish. Joko Anwar is definitely NOT in the rubbish area but a gem among rubbish is often overlooked 😉
        I know I will see this movie one day 🙂

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