5 comments on “Apple Blossom Time…

  1. Welcome back 🙂

    I can’t blame your mom from thinking you’re engaged…many parents would think the same when their children tell them that they want to talk about something important 😉
    I hope they’ll take it easier than Carolyn’s mom. Good luck.

    I havent seen modus anomali…looking forward to your review 🙂

    I also have many reviews in draft, one of them is an anime of giants who ate human 😉

  2. Yep… it’s certainly nice to have a wee bit of space to relax and get back to having some fun free time again for a change. I’ve certainly let things slide here for way too long, d’ohh!!

    I’m thinking you’d like “Modus Anomali”… it’s less of a horror film than Joko’s last two films and more like a suspense film than those. Surprisingly… it’s done completely in English language too.. even though the cast are all Indonesian actors and actresses I’ve seen before and it definitely takes place in Indonesia. I’m thinking they wanted to shoot for a more “international” feel for it to give the film a boost in the overseas markets.

    An anime with cannibal giants? Hmmmm? I hope you do a review for that… I kinda like the sound of it. 😉

  3. The reveal… Made me think of the pledge, the turn and the prestige…. One thing might seem trite, but it’s important to remember to just smile. You have to communicate happiness, I think. What a year this is turning out to be, eh..?

    • Oh my goodness, yes… any more crazy stuff and I’m not certain what I’d do to keep sane…. 😉

      Oh, yes… communicating my happiness is a definite goal for this…. I made a point of trying to let Mom know my news was going to be a “happy” surprise for her and Dad…. I’m just so hoping they’ll actually see it that way once I spring it on them. Growing up I can’t honestly remember either of them ever expressing any opinion on same-sex relationships at all, so I’m totally in the dark as to how they might react. (Heck… growing up, I never considered such a thing as happening for me…) I know Mom has always had a secret desire to see me married and with a family of my own by now, but I’m pretty certain she never even considered this possibility.

  4. I used this quote elsewhere today, and I hope you’ll like it as much as I did:
    “In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”

    Albert Camus

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