10 comments on ““When The Going Gets Tough… The Tough Go Picnic..”

    • Thank you Marcel… it has been difficult of late but we’ve made it our goal not to let it bring us any more grief than it already has.

      We’ve been very lucky to have Carolyn’s sister in our corner, she’s taken her own share of crap by being our friend in this, but apparently stubbornness is one of the things in common she shares with her Mom…. 😉

  1. I’m so sorry to see that Carolyn’s mother has chosen this route. It may change in the future and get better. I’m also sorry that Sandra has been stuck in the middle. Your picnic idea was perfect. You can’t make it all better, but you reassured Carolyn that she’s loved. That’s the important part. I do have a friend in the rural south. His mum was of the persuasion that the “gay” could be prayed away, etc. She mentioned, in conversation the other day, that he had never done anything to make her ashamed. THAT was a major milestone. It’s not all roses, but she’s changing slowly. It can happen. You have my admin email. I don’t know where your family is, but you know we’re in SF. If you need any kind of support, you can call on us.

    • All the Simms ladies are a stubborn bunch… This whole situation has only demonstrated just how much for lil’ ol’ me. Neither Carolyn nor her Mom will be darned if they’ll be the first to bend over this… and Sandra’s continued love and support has show us just how much she won’t let her Mom push her either.

      Yes.. the picnic was fun.. and it had just the effect I wanted to snap my sweetie out of her funk. We got to talk… and although her recent experience made her seriously want to have me pass on telling my own parents about us, I let her know that in no way was I going to let her be the only one of us to have to go through this. I am nervous about it… there’s no denying that… but I honestly can’t believe my own parent’s reaction will be as severe as Carolyn’s was. But…. I did ask Carolyn to be there with me when it happens. I want my Mom and Dad to meet her… to see that she’s not some “freaky” person…. that this isn’t just some mid-life crisis “sex thing”… that she’s a normal everyday all-American woman who just happens to love me silly. As much as I love her… I’m hoping they’ll see that and see that we chose each other because we were meant to be together.

      It’s nice knowing that there are people who understand and I can tell you it means a lot knowing you, Lastech and the “furkids” are in our corner too. 🙂

  2. I think you two just have to accept that she’ll probably will approve this but your life is yours, it’s you who are living it not her 🙂

    Be strong and hope your parents wont be this tough 🙂

    • Thanks Novia… having come through this experience, we have decided we’re not going to let our fears about what others might think overwhelm us anymore. Life is definitely too short for that.

  3. Arr, zum teufel!!! That’s fucked up and I’m sorry to hear this, Miss Nekoneko!! But, hey, lissen goily, just whatever you do … don’t bend over for her mum. You’re in the right here and she’s in the wrong. I know all about living in two worlds and the worst you can do is to adhere to someone else’s moral code. Oh, and THANKS for posting about this and making your blog even more PERSONAL. I don’t comment very often here but your blog is one of my absolute faves. Good luck with your own coming out meeting.

    • I appreciate all the good thoughts Jack, and don’t worry… we’ve come too far together, Carolyn and I, to give up now. 😉

      As for my own parents… that’s going to happen sometime next month once the local colleges have their Graduation ceremonies and go into their Summer sessions. Things are just too crazy for me at the restaurant till then and taking a week to go to visit my Mom and Dad is out of the question right away. I have let them know I’m coming… and that I’m bringing someone special for them to meet, but I’ve been a bit vague about the particulars.

  4. I really think that picnic was a terrific idea and just what the doctor ordered. I’m firmly of the belief that happiness is an act of will.
    This simple phrase has helped me a few times when going through with a difficult decision: “no matter what”.

    • So true!! 🙂

      I’m still nervous about my upcoming “reveal” with my own parents, but I’ve decided that, for us anyway, there’s to be no more anxiety about what happens. Whatever it turns out to be… we still have good true friends who accept and love us, both Carolyn’s and my own, as well as good family in Sandra and her clan… and… no matter what… we’ll always have each other, now and forever. With all those elements firmly in place, “Life” will always be good.

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