8 comments on ““Thiên Mệnh Anh Hùng” aka “Blood Letter” (2012) – Vietnamese Martial Art/ Action

  1. Sounds really good and I didn’t know that Vietnamese have clothing a bit like Chinese.
    The story is rather typical but if done in a good way, it’ll still make a good movie 😉

    Sorry to hear about the DVD, hope you’ll find a better one one day

    • Oh, I’ll keep looking… 😉

      Yes… I was very surprised how much this looked like a Chinese movie… it was one of the things I found disappointing that I didn’t get more of a “Vietnamese vibe” from it to distinguish it from all the other films I’ve seen.

      • Hmmm? Hadn’t really considered that… I suppose as an American, I still have the image of peasants toiling away in jungle rice paddies in those loose baggy outfits and straw hats that fill just about every Vietnam war movie I’ve ever seen. Silly I know… but growing up on such images can really set them in your mind as “gospel”. I’d probably have a more accurate idea if I could watch more real Vietnamese films, but movies from that region are slim pickings ’round my neck of the woods.

      • at lease better then chinese movies now aday. all the chinese movies now is like a joke for kid to watch lol

  2. Vietnam was dominated (on and off) by China for about 1,000 years (111 bc to 939 AD) so there were huge cultural influences. There are differences, but the aristocracy and royalty wore extremely similar clothing.

    Thank for the review by the way….I wasn’t sure I’d even watch it because I’d heard mixed reviews, but I might just give it a shot

    • That explains a lot… I haven’t seen much historical film out of Vietnam so I did wonder a bit about some of those similarities. Hopefully that will change if this film and others are successful outside of Vietnam itself.

      I’m glad you liked the review… and I hope you enjoy the film! 😉

  3. Ahhhh…. and as promised, I’ve picked up the recent Region 1 release of this one… now under the title of “The Sword of the Assassin”. Haven’t given that version a look see yet, but soon I will… 😉

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