18 comments on ““Best Laid Plans…”

  1. sorry to hear about this, Miyuki.
    I can only imagine how bad the situation is. I wish Carolyn’s mother will soften her heart soon and your parents can take it easier than hers.

    hope things will get better with you two soon xxx

    • Thank you Novia… it’s been terrible these last couple of days but I’m hoping things will get better soon.

      Even though I kind of felt this would be rough, I honestly never expected such a hostile reaction from Carolyn’s Mom and Dad. Parents love their children…. and I’m so disappointing, sad, and angry all at the same time that they could treat Carolyn like this. She’s the sweetest, most loving person, and it’s killing her to hear her mother now thinks of her as a “disgusting thing”…. 😦

  2. I’m so disappointed for you both. It’s so hard with families when everyone has expectations and fears, built up over so many years, and then has to rethink and adjust them to the real world.

    I’m hopeful that you’ll all be able to come through this stronger in the end and that ultimately your parents will come to realise that this is the only relationship that can make you happy.

    • I know things will get better with time… I really do. I just so hope my parents are more accepting of our relationship than Carolyn’s.I can’t even contemplate anything worse than having them react the same way.

      At least Sandra is still in my sweetie’s corner. That way she still has some family to hold on to.

  3. Really sad to read this Miyu. I’m sure nothing any of us say here really helps deep down, but just be there for Carolyn. It will take time, especially if her Parents had no idea. I am sure it came as quite a sea change and a shock to them, and when emotions run high, things are often said in the heat of the moment that simply are not heartfelt. It will take time, and it’s always possible acceptance will not be complete, but if they love her, they will eventually accept their choices and come to love you as well. I hope things go so much better with your parents.

    • Having friends sending us good wishes does help… it’s calming for me at a time when I need to stay focused so I can concentrate on helping Carolyn through this. Thanks a bunch, seriously. 🙂

    • My plan exactly Marcel… you never feel empty if you fill your heart with love.

      Right now my sweet Carolyn feels like there’s a big ugly hole torn right through her and I plan to fill that with as much tender love as this wee lady can muster. She might feel that nothing can make her whole again, but it won’t be the case if I have my way.

    • Thank you. It’s heartening to know people are thinking nice thoughts for us… I really appreciate it at times like this to know there are people out there who understand and accept us.

  4. that was really harsh for her mom to say that…but sometimes parents don’t mean to say it. One day they will realize that.

    Be strong you two.

    • Carolyn’s Mom is a severe woman… but she’s still my sweetie’s mother. I’m hoping too that she’ll realize she loves Carolyn more than she hates or fears our relationship. Even if she never warms to me, I’d still rather she get back to speaking to Carolyn again.

      We will stay strong as long as we have each other… and I thank you for thinking of us too Novia. 🙂

  5. I have no words that can make you feel better. However, here are some cyber hugs from Lastech and I to you and your sweetie. {{{Miyuki and Carolyn}}}

  6. I had read your post of march 15 twice. Twice because at first I crossed fingers and hoped for the best, but then I sensed that your apprehension may be well founded, unfortunately. It’s difficult finding the right words, because these events are devastating on a very personal level for those going through them.
    I think it’s particularly difficult for you, watching your other half suffer through this. There’s only one suggestion I hope proper to make: I think you could consider some kind of girls day out in which you’d include Sandra. Not a dinner/movie type of outing, something like a fair, concert or festival (Spring is here). What everyone needs and both of you now especially is to laugh and laugh hard. Get Carolyn to dig her heels fully back in. And keep Sandra close.

  7. This whole thing has been truly tough for me knowing that she’s never been tempted to say anything to her parents about any of the other women she’s been involved with since High School… until me.

    On the one hand, it’s terribly sweet and means so much to me that of all the people, men or women, she’s dated over the years, that I mean that much to her that she’d go through this over lil’ ol’ me. She wants me. Us. Forever… Nobody has ever wanted me like that.

    But… on the other hand, it makes me feel terribly responsible for the pain she’s dealing with, although I’ve been careful not to let her feel that vibe from me.

    Yes. I’m so glad Carolyn’s sister is such a loving sister. I only wish she lived nearer to us so we could have her close in times like this.

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