4 comments on ““This Girl Is Bad-Ass!!” aka “Jakkalan” (จั๊กกะแหล๋น) (2011) – Thai Martial Art Action/ Comedy

  1. Well well well. I watched this a few months ago, as I’m quite the Jeeja fan myself. I’ll be honest, I thought it was terrible (I couldn’t even be bothered to review it – a bit of me says if you can’t say anything nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all)- but as you say, it is one firmly aimed at a low-brow Thai audience.

    I’ll agree the film is much more interesting when our little pocket Rocket is on screen, but I am worried about her career – Chocolate was Fab, Raging Phoenix was pretty good in a shlocky way, The Kick was merely OK, and this was awful. Seems like a downward spiral. And now shes gotten married and babied up, I do wonder when she will return at all (Chocolate 2 and The Protector 2 seem to have disappeared).

    • Oh no!! I hadn’t heard that… I was really looking forward to “Chocolate 2”. I was expecting that to be really good. 😦

      Yes… I definitely agree that her follow-up films have failed to capitalize on Jeeja in anywhere near the level of success she deserves. I did feel this was better than “The Kick”… which I didn’t even bother to review… 😉 I found that one terribly silly and couldn’t believe how little actual contribution she actually had to the film given how much the publicity for it made it seem like she was the star.

      This one is definitely one aimed less for an international audience than her others, and it showed. Without the really tight action sequences (which I loved to bits…) it wouldn’t have even been worth a watch. Hopefully they’ll be kinder to her when next she’s ready to get back to work and give her a film worth her talents…

  2. I read this review like two days ago on my mobile but the Thailand letters won’t allow me to comment 😦

    Anyway, I think I will skip this movie but I have Chocolate and Raging Phoenix ready to be watched 🙂

    • I remember… you had trouble with Korean letters too…

      Definitely watch “Chocolate”. It’s not a deep or meaningful film, but it’s definitely a good action movie with some serious Martial Art sequences that have to be seen to be believed. Jeeja is so talented in that area, and it’s just amazing to see such a tiny woman like us perform such brutal action.

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