5 comments on “Slush… Or Just When You Think Winter Can’t Be Any More Annoying!!

  1. I hope things will go perfectly well for you too…I honestly hope so!

    It’s nice to read how bland you are about this…I wish I have the same courage to pour all the burden I have right now on the net like you.

    We love our parents but sometime they just don’t want to understand us.

    Good luck you too (^_^)/

    • I might sound like I’m relaxed but I’m so nervous for Carolyn I almost can’t stand it. She’s doing her best not to try to show how much she’s dreading things, how she hopes they’ll go well, but I can see the strain it’s putting her under. She’ll be a wreck emotionally by the time Saturday rolls around.

      I appreciate all your warm thoughts, Novia…. writing about this is one of my ways of coping and knowing I have readers that wish us well means oodles.


    • I certainly hope so… although this first step really didn’t. Things went badly between Carolyn and her Mom… and both of us are just miserable about it all. 😦

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