8 comments on ““Feelin’ Icky…..”

  1. Hope you’ll get well soon Miyuki and Carolyn ((hug))
    It seems that flu is a very big thing when you live in US. Here, maybe because I live in warm country, even though we have flu we still go to work

    • Thanks Novia… I’ll take all the hugs I can get. 🙂

      Yeah… I’d like to go in to work too, but working restaurants while as sick as I am is a definite no-no. Carolyn says she’s going in to her job on Monday (and as stubborn as she is, she probably will too….) but I’m thinking she’ll wish she hadn’t.

  2. Ooooh darn it! Get well soon. This year’s bug is an ugly one. Take care (both of you) . Be prepared for this to take longer than usual to get over it. I think Lastech and I will start getting flu shots. It may be too late for this year as there is now a shortage, though we’ll check.

    • I hope it doesn’t hang with me for long. So far it’s merely annoying… I’ve had far, far worse colds than this one.

      Neither of us got our shots this year…. although we probably should have. D’ohhh!

    • I’m nearly over my flu now…. just a lingering cough and some sneezing left to deal with. Carolyn threw hers off fairly quickly… the lucky girl… and she’s already back at work with no problems.

      • Hahaha!! 🙂 We are both much better now, but that nagging cough still hangs with lil’ ol’ me… just stubbornly refusing to let go. I don’t feel badly anymore, but I sound horrid at times, like I’ve got this “three pack a day” smoker’s cough.

        I have been meaning to get back to things here at the ol’ Litterbox again, but I can be a terrible procrastinator at times and I’ve just been spinning my wheels lately on feeling creative and ambitious. I guess I need a good swat on the butt to get me in gear again…. 😉

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