3 comments on ““Bait 3D” (2012) – Australian Shark Horror/ Suspense

  1. whuahahaha…I am laughing my tits off (borrowing Vince Noir of The Mighty Boosh words) reading your review. Your comments are always funny.
    I always get a kick off everytime I read your review, despite the fact I won’t watch the movie.

    • Hahahaha!!! And that’s definitely a statement I never expected to read from you!! 😉

      You are becoming very, very “British” Novia…. too many BBC TV series for you, I think!! 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoy the Reviews… it’s nice when somebody gets a kick out of them and makes the writing for me all that much more satisfying.

      • yeah…what can I say…Mighty Boosh has many great quotes 😉
        …and I will become more ‘British’ as all the series I have for 2013 are from BBC.

        I always like it when you ‘butcher’ the movie in a funny way

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