8 comments on “A Catgirl’s Guide to Riding Out the Mayan Apocalypse

  1. I’m glad to see that you and Carolyn had a nice and cozy night of it. Lastech had to work. I haven’t seen “When Worlds Collide” in a bazillion years. I really need to see it again.

    FYI (in case you haven’t noticed) the zombie apocalypse is here. Shopping has become a nightmare as the texting zombies either try to run me over or stop in front of whatever I happen to need a the time. I managed to get my groceries yesterday without wrapping my cane around someone’s neck. 🙂

    Oh well. I did take a cue from you though. I actually posted a recipe today.

    I hope that you and Carolyn have a wonderful Christmas!

    • It was a fun movie to watch over again… I’d forgotten how truly “epic” and “grand” the scale of it was. They just don’t make movies like that anymore….

      Hahahaha!! Texting zombies… I can see them now. Luckily for me, most of my shopping was over the Internet this year, and it’s all finished. Yay!! So much easier… and soooo much less stress.

      Mmmmm!! Pumpkin bread…. gonna have to whip some of this up to take with us to Sandra’s house this year. What sort of nuts did you use? I’m thinking pecans…. 😉

      We’re heading out on Monday morning for Christmas… weather permitting… or maybe late Sunday night if I can wrap up things at the restaurant early enough. Can’t wait for some more quality “family funtime”!! 🙂

      • I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time. I hope the weather is perfect for you.

        Pecans work well in the pumpkin bread, but then walnuts are good too. Lastech and I aren’t really doing anything for Christmas, so no gift shopping. We did get the kitties a couple of new toys though. They do love chasing that little red dot. 🙂

      • We just got our first real load of snow for the year last night and most of today, but boy did it make up for lost time!! With luck we won’t see too much more till after the holiday. Crossing my lil’ fingers!! 😉

        Can’t figure out why… but you keep getting stuck in “comment moderation”… although you’ve been previously OK’ed. Must be some weird “WordPress” fluke. Sorry… I don’t really know why it keeps happening.

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