11 comments on ““Don’t Click” aka “미확인 동영상: 절대클릭금지” (2012) – Korean Ghost/ Horror

  1. Well, once again seems as though we are in sync again. I watched this a couple of days ago as part of what turned out to be ‘cursed Internet video’ night, along with the risible Sadako 3D. Should have my review up tomorrow, so I’ll keep my opinions to myself, other than do say, they aren’t too far different to yours, but I’m for once more charitable, but potentially because of the movie it was up against!

    • Hahaha!! I must say…. we do seem to have a real ability to watch these things so “synchronized” at times. Truly amazing when you think that these are Asian released films…. somehow being hunted down and acquired by two different people in two countries far removed from Asia and separated by an ocean and 6 time zones. 😉

      Can’t really say why this one so failed to grab me…. It’s not a terrible film. Maybe I was just reaching my “mental overload” limit for ghost films this month. Could mean I need a genre switch to shake things up a bit.

      “Sadako 3D”? Hmmmmm….. it’s been a long while since I watched “Ringu”, a shame you say it’s so darn disappointing…. I’d considered picking it up, but had been waffling back and forth on the idea.

      • 6 time zones? Blimey, that puts the world into context! I think it’s just the general concept of these movies is tired. Even trying to freshen it up a little with modern technologies seems somewhat lacklustre. As you say, maybe some of the disappointment is with the fact that the director is quite capable of excelling with these types of movie.

        It does have a bit of a similarity with Sadako 3d other than the concept, it too has a tiny cast. This one actually attracted me because of Park Bo-young — she was excellent in Speed Scandal, and I had some hopes she could develop into someone rather special. On this showing, she needs meatier roles to fulfil the promise.

        Change of genre you say? Well, of course we have Miss Go to write about (hint hint), but maybe you should delve into one of those so called ‘good’ movies you think I write about 😉

        And Sadako 3d? I know you’ll see it eventually :-p

  2. It sounds so cliche! Like many other Asian Horror. They should start creating something new like when Ringu came out.

    I am a bit confused with this sentence tho > Hopefully they won’t also inexplicably translate the Korean slang for “boobs” into English as “boops” for the subtitles either << what do you mean?

    $29 for a DVD is darn expensive. I just order The Mighty Boosh DVD for 3 seasons and only cost $56 and I am 100% sure that the boosh is WAAAY better than this one.

    • Hahaha!! I forgot that some of my visitors wouldn’t know this one!! “Boobs” is English slang for a woman’s breasts. The word “Boops” has no meaning at all, but reminds me of an old 1940’s cartoon character called Betty Boop (famous for being a little risqué. a little naughty…. and yes, for having big “boobs”….. 😉 )

      The Korean translation messed this up…. but I’m wondering now if that wasn’t purposeful like the way Hindi films never properly translate the English profanities they use in their spoken dialog to the English subtitles……

      Oh yes…. official Korean DVD’s have gotten way expensive in the last few years. At least they aren’t as expensive as Japanese ones…. those now run anywhere from 45-65$ US. That’s why I usually watch the HK release of most of their films.

      • Well…. I’m not certain what the Korean word used was as they rattle along far too fast for me to catch most individual words or phrases. They were talking about the rumor that Jung Mi might have had breast augmentation surgery…. something that you get the idea many very young Korean girls are resorting to in an effort to “be popular” in modern Korean High School culture.

        Anyway they translated that discussion into the English subtitles as something along the lines of: “What? I’ve never even considered that. My boops aren’t fake!!” Carolyn found that just hilarious. She said she wants to discuss her “boops” with all her friends….. 😉

        I got to thinking that maybe this was one of those “spell checker” moments that slipped by the editors of the DVD.

  3. How funny. I thinks it’s probably a semi informed typo. “Boobs” is such a mild euphansim in English as to be not worth trying to mistype. My guess is the translator was going for Boobs, rather than the more mixed um T-word, but just got it wrong. The Betty Boop connection is however a delicious irony. It’s a horror film with a mildly titilating aspect, so I can’t believe they got all coy.

    And yes, Korean DVDs are expensive, made more frustrating as they do tend to be of excellent quality, packed with extra features that us non hangul speakers will have no chance of understanding. I try and wait for the Hong Kong releases, even though they are often very bare bones, and often quite disappointing in terms of picture quality (not always mind you). On the other hand, Japanese DVDs are just prohibitively expensive, coming in at twice that in dollars, and English subtitles for films other than art house or marquee releases are just non existent.

    • I think what surprised me was the fact that I’ve always come to expect such perfect English subtitle translations from the Koreans…. I can’t even remember the last time I had a film with even the smallest mistake.

      Now Thai film…. sometimes those English subtitles are a real hoot! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your review, as usual. We might watch this one eventually. I do admire the quality of Korean films. My two Korean favorites, so far (not horror) are “Mother” and “The Good, The Bad and The Weird”. That’ last one is by Jee-woon Kim who directed “A Tale of Two Sisters”, which I haven’t seen yet, though it’s on my list.

    Aside from that, I hope you and Carolyn and the kitty are having a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

    • I would think this one will make it over the pond to us eventually, but while you wait, “A Tale of Two Sisters” is definitely worth a look. I did do a review of it when it came out at the old site, Delirium Vault, but somehow it appears to have disappeared in my move here to my new digs at the Litterbox… d’oh!! It’s a good film, and worth a look… 😉

      Ahhhhh…. yes. Thanksgiving was nice this year, and Carolyn and I got to spend it with her sister’s family again. Now that we are back home, I figure on writing all about it later this afternoon. (Hint!! Hint!!)

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