10 comments on “A Catgirl’s Cozy Kitchen… “Spicy Polish Pickle & Kielbasa Soup”

  1. aw…don’t worry Sam…I haven’t found the right one but life is too beautiful to feel depressed.

    The recipe looks good, too bad the material is not something easy to find here

    • Sam’s feeling better now that she knows she still has friends who care about her and who will be there for her while she keeps looking for love, no matter how long it takes. 🙂

      The soup was really good… but I’m sorry if some of the stuff is unavailable where you are. Which is hardest to find? The dill pickles or the sausage? Maybe you have something local that you could substitute?

      • Hahaha!! Sounds like when I was looking for the ingredients for your Rendang recipe here. There were a couple that I just could find either.

        Hmmmm. Let’s see…. Kielbasa is basically a firm, sausage made of beef, chicken and pork with garlic and peppers. I have heard of a type of Indonesian sausage called “urutan celeng” but although pictures look similar, it has curry in it, right? It might work… but I think it would definitely not end up tasting the same.

        I’m not familiar enough with Asian style pickles to know how they would work…. 😉

      • Hahaha…I guess that’s why food from other countries always more expensive than ones from our own countries….they need to import the spice 😉

        Ah! it makes of pork, I can’t eat it then. I am not allowed to eat anything from pork…religion thing 😉

        By the way…you would love my tomorrow’s post 😉

  2. The recipe is interesting. I can get good smoked sausage at the Polish deli. The ones that resemble the grocery market variety are all smoked. Hunter sausage is my favorite, followed by garlic and summer sausage. I’ll have to try some Polish pickles. American dill pickles are one food that I won’t even eat to be polite. One teeny pickle on my plate and it’s all I can taste. ugh. I’ll try the recipe though. I’ve had Polish pickled mushrooms and those are pretty good. 🙂

    • You don’t like pickles? Really? 😉

      If you do try the recipe then, I might suggest cutting the amount of brine you add from the jar to about half then so as to not make the soup too sour and “pickly”. I didn’t find the pickle flavor overpowering myself, but then I’m used to the whole “hot & sour” soup thing. Carolyn didn’t think she’d like it either, but was pleasantly surprised at how different and tasty it ended up being.

      Oooohh!! If you have an actual Polish deli, maybe they can give you some pointers on this one too. My version came out nice but you have to remember… it was made by an odd Japanese/American woman adapting a Hungarian recipe to resemble a Polish soup she’d only ever read about…… so I imagine the real deal is actually a wee bit different, Hehehehe!!

      • I’m weird, I know. The recipe does sound good though. I’ll try to ask about it next time I go to the deli. As for hot and sour soup….yummmmmmmy I love it. The only two foods I’ve truly despised have been dill pickles and pickled beets. I love pickled eggs, and various pickled veggies. I like sweet pickles. It’s just dill pickles that I avoid. However, I’ll try to find the Polish variety and even if I don’t, I’ll try the recipe. Who knows? I might like it. I’ll keep you posted.

    • Oooohhh!! I know what you mean, Bill… I don’t think I’d ever feel happy eating the same old food day after day. I’m as eclectic in my meal choices as I am with my tastes in movies and music…. always looking for something new and different. 😉

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