3 comments on ““Fighter In The Wind” aka “바람의 파이터” (2004) – Korean Martial Art/ Drama

  1. I think I will pass this movie. It’s a great review as always and I always feel like seeing it together with you because you always give comment for several scenes 😉

    There is one that a bit bothering me. as far as I know, at least in my country, it is the Korean who hates the Japanese rather than the other way around…it’s because of the occupation long time ago. Unlike Indonesians, who also have every right to hate the Japanese but we all move on and let the past behind, the Koreans linger on the past. I saw so many times how a Korean straight away has an irksome face knowing that my boss is a Japnese.

    • That was indeed the strangest thing about this film… It was made in Korea… and from everything I’ve come to understand from oodles and oodles of movies… both Korean and Japanese…. there is such a simmering resentment over their past that I found the idea of a Korean man wanting to join the Japanese military and then make a life for himself there almost unthinkable. Especially once you see in the flashbacks how terribly they treated the man who was like a father to him…..

      I can’t say I’ve seen another film quite like this one in that way.

  2. He is certainly a fine warrior but with Yoko nursing
    his battle scars then I would imagine that he is happy 🙂
    This is a wonderful portrayal of this movie, of course
    I have not seen it but you describe it so very well 🙂

    Have a lovely day today my friend 🙂


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