7 comments on ““Karate Girl” (2011) – Japanese Martial Art/ Action

  1. Doesn’t sound like a great movie. I kinda like samurai movies more when it comes to Japanese martial art movie.

    I wonder how many dvd you have since it seems that you keep buying them.

    • It wasn’t the most amazing movie at all… but I was sort of hoping that it would be a good place for Rina Takeda to display her skills. She really needs to get the opportunity to star in a quality film so that she can be taken seriously. She has a good look, and enough talent to be for the modern Japanese action cinema what Etsuko Shiomi and Sonny Chiba were for the Karate films of the 70’s.

      Hahaha!! I grew up watching “bad” movies…. so for me they are like eating cookies. You know they aren’t good for you… you know you shouldn’t eat too many… but they are just soooo darn tasty!! 😉 I must have 5 or 6 thousand DVD’s in boxes in my storage room. You can never have too many. 😉

      • That much!!!! whoa….
        Have you ever watched them again?

        Ps. I have just read Pintu Terlarang and will see the movie soon 😉

      • Hahaha!! Yes, but having so many packed away in boxes means it’s always hard to find specific ones I might want. Someday I want to put them into a bookcase so I can “browse” them easier.

        Oooh! I think you will like it… it was a strange movie but a very good one. I’m currently trying to find Joko Anwar’s newest film, “Modus Anomali”, the International rights were bought by a Canadian distributor but I don’t think the DVD is out yet.

      • Good luck with the filing 😉

        I like the book…will see about the movie soon. I haven’t seen Modus Anomali too.

  2. Well, probably on the bright side news.

    Rina Takeda somehow got acquainted to Gareth Huw Evans of the Raid:Redemptions and The Raid 2:Berandal.

    Even goes to help GHE to kind of promoting The Raid 2:Berandal.

    just probably, GHE could put to use Rina Takeda San martial-arts talent in some of his future project(s) in the proper light Rina Takeda San really deserves.

    • It would be nice to see Rina in something that would elevate her away from some of the low budget stuff she’s been languishing in. Most of her films since “Karate Girl” have been somewhat disappointing for certain.

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