7 comments on “Whoooosh!!!

    • We haven’t had something like this as long as I’ve been living here…. and boy was it something. The sky went from a partly cloudy dreary looking day to this boiling wall of steel grey clouds flashing with lightning so fast I couldn’t believe it.

      The the wind started roaring and rain tore down so hard I couldn’t see twenty feet. Today the work crews from our utilities people and the Tree cutters are still working hard to clear stuff away. Two of our lil’ town’s Main street businesses had their buildings just completely destroyed…. unfortunately one of them was my favorite pizza parlor… darn it.

      Strangely enough though, there seem to have been absolutely no injuries reported from all the chaos yesterday. Thank goodness for small favors……

  1. Wow! The storms out your way have been awful this year. I Our weather isn’t so bad. I’ve spent my time wishing my cooler weather would move East. If you’re curious, look up the weather term “derecho”. There have been several this year and they’re nasty.

    • Apparently that’s exactly what we experienced….. they said it was a “straight line windburst” and not a tornado, although seeing how some places got plastered with damage while stuff right near by remained untouched makes me wonder.

      A week on and things are sort of back to normal, but we keep finding bits of the damage here and there…..

  2. Holy moly! Are you, Carolyn and Ting Ting ok? I see that there was more awful weather out your way. I’m hoping for the best for you.

    • So far so good…. but I’m telling you, that last one was quite enough for me. They said another was due through on Thursday, but it seems to have went way south of us towards New York City…. and they can have it. 😉

  3. Thank heck! I’m happy that you commented on our blog, but I’m just as happy that you commented here. We really do care. LOL

    Woof! I have a post to make about a trip we took a while ago. Sadly, the day we took that stupid trip was the day a friend died (stupid distracted driver) and I’m sitll feeling guilty. Dayum!

    I think that we’re going to have a movie review that really means something to us. It’s not a horror film. I don’t care.

    No worries. I’m off to sleep now.

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