9 comments on “Splish Splash!!

  1. What a lovely blog post! Give and take is what makes for a great relationship. The same rule applies to friends as well as lovers. Both of you seem to have a good understanding of that. Given that so many relationships are treated as disposable things, it’s very refreshing to read about your adventure. Hooray for both of you. I wish I could send you some of our San Francisco weather, to cool things off where you are.

    • Yes… some nice cool breezes would be heavenly. 🙂

      But… we’re managing to survive somehow. Thankfully, I’ve managed another day away from the restaurant (Oooohhh! Two in a row!! Unheard of… 😉 ) and so I’m chilling at the apartment this afternoon. But I’m ready for Carolyn when she gets back later from work all hot and sweaty with some Black Raspberry sherbet, dark chocolate shavings, and super chilled white wine coolers… Not certain how how they’ll work together as a cocktail, but I’ve high hopes….

      Glad you enjoyed reading about my “swim lesson”… even as disappointing as my failure was, it made me happy to know my sweetie appreciates me for just being me. It shows me she’s still my best friend before anything else and makes me happy we finally found each other. That means just everything to me….

  2. “by now most of my Gentle Visitors have probably forgotten all about this goofy Catgirl”

    Yeah, right. :/
    Not much chance of that at least in reg. to this here reader. You’re one of my fave bloggers so I’ll hang around in the dark corners waiting for your next update even if it takes a while. ^_^

    Lissen, Catgirlie, you’re not the only one. I can’t swim either and I hate water too. I’ve tried repeatedly over the years but, nope, my swimming abilities are broken. Don’t work. Argh.

    My dad’s the same. He worked on a ferry for 30 years and he never learnt to swim. My mum used to say, “What if the boat goes down and you can’t swim!?” My dad’s reply was always the same, “I hope someone’ll pick me up”. o_O

    Somehow, we’re quite the same you and I. Well, except the gender thing obviously (and that you’re a better cook than I am!). But our love for worldweird cinema and we can’t swim. LOLZ.

    Anyway, love this diary entry! You’ve been very lucky with Carolyn. 😀

    • Wow… I can’t even imagine working on the water…. I actually had an offer once to work as kitchen staff on a Cruise ship for a season a year or so out of college, but ultimately decided against it because I knew I’d be too constantly “aware” of being at sea….. and knew I’d have never slept the entire time. My paranoia would have been unbearable.

      Yep…. dry land for me. Definitely. 😉

  3. I always enjoy reading your diary.
    Funny thing is I used to ignore people’s personal blog that shares nothing but personal life but as I blog longer and become friends with many blogger I become more interested in reading my friend’s personal life too…it’s just like in real life.

    You really are a cat, Miyuki 😉
    Swimming is fun! ask Kroten if you dont believe me lol
    I think you should try another lesson, swimming might come handy sometimes.

    Just a thought, maybe Carolyn can be a guess author one of these days 😉

    • I felt a bit odd at first when I started adding my “Diary” stuff to the Litterbox…. originally I was part of a Film Fansite and that wasn’t something I felt right doing when they were hosting my blog, but when I struck out on my own it just seemed like the time to loosen up a bit and share some stuff. I’ve always thought my “personal stuff” was sort of ordinary and boring compared to most people’s lives, but these posts always seem to be the ones visitors like the most.. go figure. 🙂

      Oh… not to worry… I’m determined to somehow overcome my fear of the water, so with any luck…. and a little patience on Carolyn’s part… I might learn to swim eventually. I’m just not going to try to rush things.

      • I think your life is not ordinary 🙂
        I enjoy reading it.

        Maybe…instead of the sea, you can try in a poll first. I had my first swimming lesson when I was in kindergarten.

  4. Some psychological boundaries just can’t be removed. It’s like that episode of The Simpsons where a guy suffers from the fear of walking outside his house, and Homer asks him if it’s cos he can’t open the door and why doesn’t he just climb out thru the window. Sometimes it’s just not that simple. Like Nekoneko I can’t swim either. I went thru lots of swimming lessons in school and later also as an adult. Didn’t work!! The fear of water kills off the ability to learn something that’s probably very simple.

  5. It had been a lot of years since I really tried swimming… the last time was well back before college and I had honestly forgotten how much really deep (over my head) water was so frightening for me.

    Carolyn learned the hard way just how deep that runs for me…. Sam says I pretty much got her in a “drowning chimpanzee death-grip” that first time she asked me to try floating and I sank. Not exactly what she was expecting, I imagine… 😉

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