10 comments on ““Brave” (2012) – Animated Fairytale/ Action/ Adventure

    • OMG!! It really was a very sweet and adorable movie….. and it’s a very good “girl power” movie as well. The character of Merida is just such a very feminine yet strong one that I’m thinking she’ll resonate well with both young girls and older women. Loved every minute of it… definitely my favorite “Disney Princess”…. 😉

  1. I Dont know if you notice it or not that I am not really into digital animation, my heart still belongs to traditional animation like Ghibli and other Japanese animation…but Brave does have that Japanese air around it, just like you have said earlier.

    I avoid reading your spoiler because I want to see the movie…but being disney movie kinda make me predict it would be a very happy and predictable ending.

    • I like the traditionally done animation too, but as the CG has evolved, it’s finally reached a point where it has it’s own “look” and “feel” now that gives them their own identity and style, and the look of “Brave” certainly shows that off to very good effect.

      I just know that you will like this one Novia…. and I hope you get to see it in a proper theater, even in 2-D it’s just an incredibly beautiful looking film when seen on the big screen. And Merida’s hair!! So detailed and alive…. almost a character all on it’s own. 😉

      • I plan to see it somewhere next week…hopefully it’s still there, I mean there in the cinema. Our cinema has become unpredictable lately.

      • Oh Novia… I sooooo hope you can get the chance see this one and I’ll be eager to hear what you think of it too. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for luck!!

  2. I am still getting over how mainstream this particular choice was. But as far as animation goes Pixar usually is at lease a winning visual experience, even if the stories don’t always satisfy completely.

    I’ll be having a little Ghibli-athon this week over at my place, though I am avoiding the well known classics!

    • Hahaha!! Oh, yeah… this particular one is all about the “Mainstream” vibe. Since our weather hereabouts has gotten so darn warm these last few weeks, it’s been terribly uncomfortable in our little apartment. So, “Movie Time” has been a lot about going out on evenings when Carolyn and I are in the mood to sit in a nice cool air conditioned theater.

      Not as cozy and intimate…. and awfully expensive too, but for Carolyn at least, it means more films she actually can enjoy. Probably why I’m so darn behind in my DVD watching of late… but I did actually end up liking this particular one quite a bit. I have a real liking for Merida’s less traditional approach to being a “Disney Princess”….. 🙂

  3. Finally caught this last night. I really love Pixar too. There was so much to like in this film, the setup, the suitors, the conclusion, and of course Merida. But I felt there was so much that didn’t hang together quite as well as I expected or hoped. I wanted more from the Mother/Daughter relationship and more from Merida when it came to thinking about casting the spell.

    Still I really enjoyed it and I really felt digital animation came in to its own at several points from the level of emotion and “acting” in the characters.

    It was also great to hear proper Scottish accents throughout 🙂

    • It was perhaps the most simplistic of the Pixar films to date, but still a really nice and enjoyable experience overall. After all… even on their worst day, Pixar seems to turn out extremely good stuff compared to many of the competition. I do wish the goofy witch had been allowed more screen time… but then I also wanted more of Merida’s hellion lil’ brothers… so many nice ideas… so little movie to fit it all in.

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