10 comments on ““Iron Sky” (2012) – Finnish-German-Australian Exploitation Sci-fi Action/ Comedy

  1. Damn you Miyuki, beating me to reviewing this one 😉 i will keep my powder dry for now (hopefully my review will be up today, though somewhere….. Else).

    But I’ll agree, the big jokes fell horribly flat, but some of the little moments are great – like how 10 minutes of ‘The Great Dictator’ out of context can inspire incorrectly…

    • Hahaha!! I thought for certain you’d beat me to it as our Customs people seemed to hold on to this package for like the longest time. There are times I think they get some perverse kick out of torturing this wee Catgirl with days of endless waiting….

      Yep… there were lots of little gems scattered throughout this one but you had to pay attention to catch them. Loved the inclusion of “The Great Dictator”… but I wish we could have followed Washington and Renate into that movie theater to see her reaction to the “uncut version” she’d never even realized existed. I’m thinking a little more of those sorts of moments… things that showed her how blind she had always been to the nasty truth of Nation Socialism… would have given us some real chances to see her character blossom. (As well as being terrific moments for some real humor…. 😉 )

      • I was actually wondering if the delay had been at the UK end, with the whole country apparently shutting down for four days for our Jubilee celebrations. But maybe not, I always find it so variable, I’ve had parcels of DVD goodness send from hong kong that have taken 6 days, and others take more than 6 weeks – and the holdup so often seems to be customs!

        It is a strange film. On the whole I thought it was a really well made, knowing b-movie. But so many of the jokes just fell flat (and as you say downright offensive). I’m wondering if the tri-national funding meant it struggled with trying to appease all parties, which meant some of the humour got over written into blandness.

        Saying that — my biggest belly laugh was the north Korean member of the UN, attempting to claim the credit!

  2. Interesting review. We might bring it in at some point. 🙂 BTW, I like the new background. Now I’m off to check out some of your older posts that I haven’t seen yet.

    • Hahaha!! You like the new “wallpaper”? 😉

      I had another of my attacks of the sillies and sooooo needed a change. Every now and again I just can’t resist.

  3. Ha!! you finally see the movie 😉 I don’t know whether I will ever see it or not because it’s not here yet….maybe on pirate dvd later.

    glad you have fun with it 🙂
    wow…6 years in production is really long.

    I read in previous comment that you have new lay out, I cant see it yet, i have to see it in pc

    • Hehehe…. it’s a version of one of my old backgrounds with some swirly edging added. I like it, but knowing me, I’ll probably shift it around again at some point. 😉

      • I have finally seen the background 🙂 Looks kinda like The matrix in purple color 😉

        You should use 1 background like me 😉
        Sleeping kamechan.

  4. nice review, looking forward to checking this out on the stream machine in the very near future.

    first time vistor, I enjoyed checking out your site. 🙂


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