10 comments on ““Livide” (2011) – French Horror/ Fantasy

  1. I could not bring myself to watch Inside either, or honestly, most of the last decade’s wave of exceedingly brutal French horror. This trend has been a disappointment to me, because I felt left out and couldn’t see the appeal so many of my fellow horror junkies were seeing. The French do comedy, thrillers, and surrealism so well, but I just don’t watch the “torture porn.” However, Livide sounds like just my type of movie, and I might have written it off due to my fear of French horror without your detailed description. So, I’m glad I found this blog!

    • I’m happy to hear from yet another of my Gentle Visitors, always a pleasure to know somebody like my goofy ramblings….

      “Livide” is most definite an interesting film… I’m thinking the directors just felt pushed after their success with “Inside” to try and top it with this, their second film. It’s a much more delicate story though, and if they had let it just unwind a bit more it probably would have been an amazing one. But then I like fantasy films…. the more surreal the better.

  2. I have never seen French horror before. Livide sounds like a great movie. From your review I can feel the same atmosphere as Spanish horror.
    And the images you have chosen…wow!!! They are very intriguing.
    I wonder if I can find it here.

    • It is a very nice looking film with lots of very interesting imagery…. I think that you would find it interesting if you can find it, but as it is a recent film, I’m not certain if it has been released in your part of the world yet.

  3. Oh man, I was really hoping this would be good. I’d seen the trailer a while ago and was taken by how surreal it was. It had that trapped in a nightmare feel. Too bad they couldn’t quite close the deal and make it a masterpiece. I’ll probably give it a look anyways though it for nothing but the odd imagery.

    Also, good on you for picking up on the diploma from the ballet school in Suspiria.

    • It definitely is worth a look, but I’d still wait till it inevitably shows up in your DVD region…. (Unless you are as nutty a film fan as a certain silly lady… 😉 )

      Yeah… I really got a kick out of the “Suspiria” nod…. a nice lil’ homage to that classic.

  4. Now THIS looks interesting. Like you, I’ll skip “Inside” as torture porn isn’t my thing either. For what it’s worth, the first words in the trailer are about robbing the house of vampires. It would explain a lot, including the flying scene. 🙂

    • The vampire thing is not really all that well established actually… and even though the Trailer subtitles refer to it like that, the French DVD itself never translates it that way. Instead I get more a sense that Anna is possessed…. or that she’s actually some kind of demon child… but we never do get any hint as to her father at all. It’s just one of those nagging plot questions that seem to plague this one.

      I’d say you might like it, even if it’s to wonder what it all means… and that alone could spark some nice conversations between viewers.

      • If we get the chance to watch it, we will. One thing my hubby does is let me know when the subtitles are way off. It can happen.

        Today we watched the American version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”. I almost made it to the end. I couldn’t finish watching it. sigh I loved the books. I loved the original movies. I really like Fincher, but not this time. The acting was fine. Some of the writing was so off character I wanted to throw my shoe at the tv. 🙂 Oh well. It happens.

      • That’s right… Lastech is fluent in French. You’ll have to let me know how close those subtitles really are if you do ever get to see this one. I always wonder just how close they are sometimes.

        I loved the Swedish version of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, but I haven’t seen the American version. So odd how I usually see way more foreign films than I do ones made here in the US. I’m getting better at that though, as Carolyn likes going out to the movies and as a result, I’m catching more domestic films these days.

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