5 comments on ““The Unborn Child” aka “ศพเด็ก 2002” (2011) – Thai Ghost/ Horror

    • It was OK… but there have been better Thai ghost stories.

      It was more creepy than scary… with lots of things that just made you squirm…. Big smelly piles of dead babies are soooo gross. 😉

  1. Well I managed to snaffle myself a copy. Desperate times, but I do find Thai Ghost films usually more satisfying than most. Any smelly piles of dead babies? Sound like a Pang Bros. deal 🙂

    • Hahaha…. I’m not usually a squeamish lady, but the big old rotting pile of baby corpses at the Temple had me gagging a bit and turning green the night we watched it. Carolyn tried to play it all cool… like it was no big deal, but I did notice she took a lot of trips to the kitchen and the bathroom right around the grossest scenes….. 😉

  2. Whew!…. Since I’ve recently been buried under an avalanche of Spam for this particular post, regrettably I’m closing further comments on this particular Review till such time as that sort of silliness ends…. 😦

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