3 comments on “My Lazy lil’ Butt…

  1. So nice to see your post again…bad lil’ butt, please stop being lazy 😉

    I like that animation and how you edited it to show your page. Hope your coming back is permanent 😉

    • Hahaha!! I know…. I let things overwhelm me a bit the last few weeks, but I’m hoping to get some things going tomorrow on my day off. I’ve a “co-review” coming up soon featuring a fellow Asian film fan, Elpeevio from “Things Fall Apart” for the Korean film “War of the Arrows”…. We both are doing our own reviews at our Blogs and having the other chime in with comments…. it’s been fun writing these and I’m hoping people will enjoy reading them both….

      You like the picture? 😉 I’ve been wanting to use it for a while…. it always makes me think of those times when I can’t sleep so I’m up waaaaay late a night on my computer and Carolyn manages to sneak up on me scaring me silly. 😉

      • She, the cat lady in the picture, looked like she was doing something forbidden and got scared knowing she was doing it 😉

        Sound like you had a good project 😉

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