13 comments on ““7 X 7” Link Award

  1. Yaiii…thank you for doing it Miyuki ((hug))

    Wow!! you are like my nephew, Rio, naughty and yet fun kids you two 😉
    You had a wonderful grandma, I never been that close with any of my grandma because both of them lived in Padang…fortunately I was still close with my mom. You grandma was the Japanese one right?

    I have read some of your posts, will read the others soon 🙂

    • I’m so honored you picked me Novia… especially when I think of all the other wonderful people you know from your Blogging. 🙂

      Yes that was my Mom’s mother…. she came to live with us when my Dad left the military and we came back to the US to stay. I think that she was so fond of me because I looked so much like my mother as a little girl and for her that brought back nice memories of that time in her life. However… although I was the spitting image of my Mom, I wasn’t really a lot like her as a girl and I think at times that baffled Grandma sometimes how we could look so much alike and yet be worlds apart otherwise. My Mom worked a little when I was a kid, so I spent a lot of time at home with Grandma and we did everything together after school till my parents got home.

      I’m hoping you’ll like my Post choices…. I really scratched my head to decide on some of them…. 😉

  2. Now that is a cool little idea. Like you, I always steer clear of these Meme ideas, but the chance for some blog refelection makes it somewhat more unique. I loved your story – reminds me of that famous scene in Jaws – “That’s not a scar… THIS is a scar :)”

    What interested me the most was your “Most Underrated Post” – many is the time I have spent ages tracking down a movie, trying to sort out the subs, actually writing a review, only to be let down by the sheer lack of response. But you have piqued my interest here. I think I have seen maybe 2 1/2 Russian films (“Battleship Potenmpkin” at university, the original “Solaris” and I started on “Nightwatch”, , but I wasn’t hooked) – so I am going to try and track down a copy – though I may have to lean on a certain little catgirl for her homebrew subtitles.

    It is always fun to find yourself cited as a source too. I have never quite hit the heights of Wikipedia, but I once found a link to my post about “Diary” in a proper Asian Fan site, being used as an example of how Western Critics are coming around to the talents of the star. I’m hardly a critic, but certainly warm glow time 🙂

    • My Grandma… Doing this Meme has made me realize just how much I miss her. I could tell her anything… even when I knew she’d disapprove and give me that look she had that meant she was equal parts annoyed and baffled by crazy lil’ me. Even so… she always had a hug for me and time for her favorite granddaughter. 🙂

      Certainly those subtitles are yours if you end up needing them! (I’ll just have to dig them out from wherever it was I saved them…. Ummm… they’re around here somewhere… I never throw anything away… ;))

      Yes… finding that Wikipedia link really tickled me… a shame it points to my old “Litterbox” Blog at Delirium Vault. Ahhh well.

      Ooohhh, and I just noticed your new Blog link!! You have a WordPress Blog now? I’ll have to check it out!! And…. if you think that this particular lil’ Meme sounds fun, then I guess I’ll just start with you as the first of my “tags” if you want to participate… it would be interesting to see you selection of Posts. Interested?

  3. Hmmm, how odd. I DO have a WordPress blog, but it is sort of a work in progress. I was intending to move my blog over here, but it got to be too much work. So if you find it, it is sort of half attempted 🙂 So still blogger for me. But http://asiancelluloid.wordpress.com if you want to see my older posts!

    Sure, I’ll play, though sadly I don’t really have a community of bloggers to share with, so the meme chain will end with me.

    • Why that’s OK… it’s the “chain letter” feeling about these that’s always had me leery too. I probably wouldn’t have done this one but Novia is so genuinely sweet and I know she really wanted to see what I’d do with it. That makes it more personal and special… like sharing things with a friend. I’m all about that… 😉

      So consider yourself “tagged”… I’ll be interested to see what your answers are….

    • Oooohh!!

      I took a quick peek, but as I’m off to work soon, I’ll have to read them in detail later tonight. Glad to see you had such fun with this! 🙂

    • Hahaha!! I went through a “jungle girl” phase when I was a kid about then.

      I blame “Sheena”… or more specifically Irish McCalla the actress who played her in the old TV series that got re-run on a local TV station. Up till then there had been only Tarzan for me to watch, but once I saw Sheena….. a real girl who could talk to animals and run around the jungle doing all that cool stuff…. I was hooked!! My Mom and Grandma thought I was nuts trying to talk to all the cats and dogs in the neighborhood, not to mention my desire to emulate Sheena in all things “outdoorsy” and dangerous. Dad… he was just amused by the whole thing figuring I get tired of it soon enough. It’s probably an amazing miracle this wee girl ever survived my childhood…

      Glad you liked reading my V-day adventure, it was certainly something this year! 😉

  4. Oh what fun! I see that I’m going to be checking out your links and catching up. I’ve been playing cat nurse again. Kitsy got sick. ugh. He’s much better now. I found Monsturd in the dvd player, so I think he watched it one too many times and decided to act it out. The other two furkids are fine. Now I’m off to read your posts. 🙂

    • Sorry it’s taken soooo darn long to get back to you but dang it all…. I’ve been snowed under by things lately and seem to be spinning my wheels in the mud most of the time.

      Hoping Kitsy is feelin’ better…. it’s never fun having a sick kitty in the house.

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