4 comments on ““Kalevet” aka “Rabies” (2010) – Israeli Horror

  1. Hmmm, now this one sounded interesting – in the UK, Rabies is always a fascinating subject (due to our obsessive border controls repelling it – and a fantastic TV drama from my youth which seriously shaped my film watching habits) – but I see now from your synopsis, that it has very little to do with it. But then again, I have seen enough Hong Kong films with non-sequitor titles to expect this. However, it does sound interesting, and smart enough to through a few genre conventions on its head. Like you, slasher films never really grab me – Halloween really is the first and last word for it in my book – though the HK “Dream Home” from last year was a really smart homage from an unusual source.

    • It was a pretty interesting film, but it did throw me a bit in the way that nothing is ever explained…. it took me a day of so of letting it bounce around in my head to come to the feeling that it was supposed to be like that. Doing that made the whole thing feel much more like something you were just witnessing as a viewer rather than having someone tell you a “story”.

      “Dream Home”…. I actually have that one but haven’t watched it yet. I guess I’ll have to do some digging through the old “To Watch” pile…. 😉

  2. Hmmm – what with everybody meeting their end like that, in more and more grisly fashion, just when you think they’re safely out of the woods, (no pun intended) it sounds as if this might be the Israeli version of “Final Destination”.
    But you really should have put the spoiler alert in at the beginning…

    • Well hello there Shimona! 😉 Always nice to have somebody new stumble across one of my old reviews.

      My “Spoiler Alert”…. always such a difficult thing to decide on. If you place it too early, then you really lose much of the ability to discuss and analyze plot elements.(Or as some people like to say, “Pick apart the story”….Hehehe!!) 😉

      For me at least, I’ve always liked a detailed plot analysis for films…. especially since when I’m reading one it’s usually for some odd little foreign film I’m desperately trying to decide if I should actually spend time sourcing a DVD and ordering it. I hate buying one only to discover I didn’t actually like it enough to want it now that I’ve got it. But that’s just odd lil’ me.

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