4 comments on “A Valentines Song For My Sweetie…

  1. I love this post a lot, I feel like I got to know you and Carolyn more.

    I glad you have found your special one, I am still looking for mine 😉

    That gift you gave her is sooo sweet, sweeter than any real object you can think of. Happy 4th anniversary Miyuki and Carolyn :hug:

    • Thank you Novia, have my biggest hug in return!!

      Do not worry… I just know there is someone special out there for you and you will find this strong and enduring a love for yourself too. Never fear, you will know when it happens… it just takes your breath away and wraps you in it’s warmth and you’ll wonder how you could ever have lived without it.

    • Scarcely!! Neurotic lil’ me is scared of most everything… 😉

      After I finished up my performance and we all hung out at our table together I was still so darn shook up that I needed to visit the toilet for a few minutes where I thought for certain I really would throw up my first drink. I hadn’t felt that nervous since having to give speeches back in High School for English class. Just an example of my nervous paranoia at it’s worst….

      At least it was definitely worth the nerve wracking social anxiety. Carolyn loved being “serenaded” and later that night informed me that now she’d just have to think up some way of surprising me as well… Knowing her, it’ll be terribly sweet and also teasingly sneaky…

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