5 comments on “Nekoneko’s Trailer Park: February 14th 2012

  1. Well Abe Lincoln sounds a must-watch, hopefully it will be as delightfully silly and tongue in cheek as the premise suggests. Although I do have the burned in image of the Electric Six ‘Gay Bar’ music video in my mind too whenever I hear about it.

    The Ring in 3d though? Kinda made my heart sink. I am no lover of 3d, and you know it’s just about redo-ing THAT shot. I don’t mind revisting Sadako though, god knows its responsible for much of what I am now. But maybe a more faithful telling of the novels could have been fun. Saying that, typing this has made me want to rewatch the Korean ‘Spiral’ again..

    And Korean scifi trilogy? That’s unexpected. I’m not sure I could name more than a couple of scifi Asian films that were not animated that have been really successful. But, maybe it’s that shot in the arm Korean cinema needs?

    • Yep, I’m certainly looking forward to “Abe Lincoln” and I’m thinking that Tim Burton is going to do for it what he did for “Sleepy Hollow” and take our expectations and go way off in a new direction with it. Should be good fun.

      I’m also digging a bit to try and find some info on another fun sounding one; “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters”, but so far, there isn’t much stuff available… and no teaser or trailer at all.

      Ahhh Sadako… she’s certainly the “grand dame” of Asian ghost girls with perhaps only “Tomie” to rival her in any serious way. She was also one of my first J-horror experiences when I first got into these films in the years I was in college. If this one is released 2D to DVD I’ll probably grab a copy out of sheer nostalgia.

      “The Doomsday Book” looks to be the most oddly intriguing… and yes, I too haven’t seen much serious sci-fi out of Korea at all. Certainly nothing to rival the Japanese fascination with that particular genre. Glad I could give you a look at it. 😉

  2. What?? Sadako in 3D??? ow my!! I am curious with her coming out of the TV in 3D …that would be fun 😉

    You seem to like Joko Anwar a lot…I need to watch my own country’s movies more. You know more than me 😉

    • I think the 3D would work best at a theater… maybe if you are lucky it will play in Jakarta where you can see it on the big screen. 😉

      Yes… I think Joko Anwar is one of the best directors to make films in your country. He has a very unique style that combines the best of Western film-making with very Indonesian stories and ideas. I have only managed to see “Kala” and “The Forbidden Door” but both were excellent, you should definitely give them a look. They would surprise you and make you want to see more.

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