4 comments on “Nekoneko’s Trailer Park: February 7 2012

  1. Wow, so Iron Sky is finally a reality, it is probably never going to live up to the genius pitch, but as you said about killer Korean dogs…… Bring it on 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing that Iron Sky, Miyuki.
    I love the trailer and hoping I can see it. Although it made me wonder why you’re sharing non goofy horror here 😉

  3. I’m really hoping “Iron Sky” gets a decent DVD release soon… as I probably wont get the chance to see it in a theater, even if it does get released theatrically here in the US. We live in just too tiny a town for that… even with our nearby colleges. I hope you both get some luck and can see it too.

    I’m not expecting genius film-making, but it certainly looks like they had some serious fun lampooning all those old “Nazispoitation” films from the 70’s so it ought to be a fun film.

    ….. Even if it’s not a ‘horror movie’… 😉

  4. Wow…. and it’s looking like they are really going all out for this one too. An official theatrical trailer has popped up with even more intriguing stuff included.

    And…. a theatrical release date too! Looks like “Iron Sky” will be in US theaters on April 4, 2012!

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