6 comments on “Nekoneko’s Trailer Park: January 31 2012

  1. gyahahaha rofl…I haven’t even heard that mermaid movie. The one who has been in a lot of horror movies lately is Julia Perez, she even wanted to be the next Legendary Suzana. But in my eyes Julia lacks of Suzana’s charisma.

    Have you ever heard of the silliest horror title I have ever seen? Hantu Puncak Datang Bulan (Puncak Ghost who is having menstruation)

    • I’ve seen Julia Perez… she does lots of movies with that comedian Rizky Mocil… the one with the frizzy hair. Mostly she seems to be cast as the sexy bimbo in those movies, not a really good thing to be typecast as. I agree, even at her best, she doesn’t have anywhere near the screen presence of Suzana.

      I had never seen that movie… but I have looked at the Trailer now and it seems very similar to those other films she has done with Rizky Mocil. Thanks for mentioning it… I miss the Trailers for so many of these. 😉

      • She was a special talent from an earlier age. Very few actors can match her intensity and presence. Older Indonesian horror films are so classy compared to the ones I see today that seemed to be churned out very quickly and without any real attempt to make them something special.

        There are a few exceptions… I really like the works of director Joko Anwar, He has a new film coming out soon… his English language debut film, but I don’t hear too much about it yet.

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