4 comments on ““Aswang” (2011) – Philippine Horror/ Romance

  1. I quite like the story, when I read the summary but your descriptioo of the movie makes me realize how common the story is. It’s everywhere with different kind of monster.,or even angel 😉

    Hehehe I can’t stop myself from lauging imagining bugs bunny becomes a human eater…that would be a cool story. He traps people with his cutness and attitude then eat them when they get distracted ;p

    fun review Miyuki

    • I was hoping it would be a better movie, but yeah, it was just so much like all the other “monster romance” films currently being made everywhere.

      You laugh, Novia, but seeing that silly tunneling thing nearly killed me!! 😉 Poor Carolyn was pounding me on the back while I was paralyzed with laughter and had all that Pepsi spraying out of my nose. I couldn’t breathe… and it burned sooooo badly in my nose. We had to stop the DVD for a few minutes till I could clean myself up and regain my composure. I was much more careful after that…. 🙂

      • No worries Novia… it was pretty funny once it was over with. 😉

        Carolyn couldn’t stop giggling all the rest of the evening and our lil’ kitty Ting-ting was sooooo scared by the whole thing that we never saw her the rest of that evening till it was bedtime and she sneaked onto the foot of the bed to sleep with us.

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