5 comments on ““Shaapit: The Cursed” (2010) – Hindi Ghost/ Horror/ Romance

  1. Great review, Nekoneko. I have never seen a Bollywood movie because I’m so not into long movies… 2 1/2 hrs doesn’t sound too bad and the mix sounds interesting. I’m going to chase this one for sure.
    I’d like to see how it all works together, ghosts, romance and all. I never thought that the length might be the reason why they are not watched as much outside of India.

    • Well… the other main reason is probably the Hindi need to make every movie a “musical”… in the worst case it’s with big MTV style “music videos” crammed into the story… almost at random… If you aren’t ready for it, that’ll certainly have you going, “Huh? WTF?”

      But they are getting more like Western films… and the music is starting to get integrated into the films more in the way we use music… as a background element to help set a mood.

      If you can find this one… it’s a fairly neat lil’ film… and I hope you enjoy it!

  2. This one sounds a lot better than your last Indian movies…the one with the shakie camera.

    The story also much better than that one. I like the unhappy ending of this movie…Romantic horror isn’t my thing but I enjoy your review…although I have to admit that your previous Indian movie review is more fun to read 😉

  3. This one was a nice change of pace from the usual Hindi film… I get a bit upset sometimes when the male characters don’t treat the women in some of their movies with fairness and respect. This one was different and refreshing and it was nice to see Aman so obviously willing to give his everything for the woman he treasured, no matter what terrible fate might await him.

    I know I watch lots of scary films and strange action movies, but I do still like a good romantic love story film once in a while too… 😉

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