6 comments on “Nekoneko’s Trailer Park: January 24 2012

    • Hehehe… that one nearly snuck by me, and I’d never heard about it at all till I stumbled across the Trailer a day or two ago. Looks pretty good… and it’s something I can get easily direct from France so it’ll probably be in my hands in a week or so. Gotta love the immediacy of the Internet… 😉

    • Awww… but scary movies can be fun!! 😉

      The scarier they are, the more you and your sweetie get to cuddle up during the worst bits… always a great thing. (I can definitely recommend it….)

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to actually get a copy. Amazon France seems unwilling to ship it to me here in the US…. (If I’m properly understanding the French message that pops up during my check-out, that is…) and it’s looking like I’ll need to look harder to find a copy.

      Yes!! You definitely need an all region player to enjoy foreign stuff… and they aren’t all that expensive either. You can get one right from Amazon for around 70$US or so…. They used to be harder to find and waaaay more expensive. My first one… a South Korean Malata player, set me back nearly 400$ 10 years ago.

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