7 comments on ““Den’ D” aka “День Д” (2008) – Russian Action

  1. Commando was always a favourite this looks like it could be a lot of fun.

    I have one question though, what about the one-liners?

    “Remember when I said I’d kill you last Sully?” .. “I lied” .. “Let of some steam Bennett” .. “He’s dead tired”

    All outstanding favourites, how do they translate 🙂

    • The closest to those has to be regarding the death of Stasik/Sully in this version. Ivan does that bit at the airport where he tells Stasik that “You’re a funny guy, Stasik. I’ll make sure you die funny…” Later of course he throws him from that window, ripping his swim trunks off so he falls to his death naked.

      There’s also a great bit when he’s first put on that plane and Stasik watches him go. You expect him to do that “Schwarzenegger” bit and jump off before it flies away, and when he doesn’t, Stasik turns to leave muttering “Hmmm? Swart’z woulda jumped….”

      Mikhail’s Major Ivan is a more dour serious character compared to Schwarzenegger’s Matrix and there’s really less of that humor here. Aliya is pretty funny at times, but nowhere nearly as much as Rae Dawn Chong in the original.

  2. hahaha…you really have unusual taste of movie, Miyuki 😉
    I have never met anyone like you before. It is always fun to read your review, and comparing it with the original makes it even fun.

    My question is how in the world did you find out about the existance of this movie?

    • I’ve always had very peculiar tastes in film… there are definitely times my friends think I’m a wee bit crazy to like them as much as I do. I’m glad you like hearing me tell all about them…. that’s as much fun for me as watching them 😉

      If I remember right, there was a small article about it at Twitch film right around the time it came out and I got curious enough to keep my eyes open looking for it.

      • I never think anyone is crazy for having unusual taste in either book and movie…it is their preference, who am I to judge them? I, myself, am a bit different to my other movie blogger friends.
        I guess that’s why I enjoy your review…I can find out about movie I never thought exist

  3. I thought this movie was awesome! I’ve never seen so much cheese mixed with humour..well since Arnie’s classic! You found the DVD? I’ve searched everywhere! Please link? This movie I give 4/5 simply for having the guts to rip off Commando so blatantly, but added so much more humour and piss taking. Thanks!

    • I managed to find this particular one on eBay after some searching. It still pops up there now and again, so like as not you should be able to score a copy for yourself easily.

      Glad you enjoyed the review and hope you drop back by again, always nice to share my goofy ramblings with somebody new! 😉

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