10 comments on ““Sleepwalker 3D” (2011) – Hong Kong Suspense/ Thriller

  1. Too bad. Tha trailer looked promising. I had no idea that ghosts were forbidden in the movies now. That’s so interesting and really not an easy task for a ghost movie.
    I might still give it a try some day and will certainly look for another one of the brothers.

    • Caroline, yes, just prior to the 2008 Summer Olympics, the Chinese administration made an announcement that “wronged spirits and violent ghosts, monsters, demons, and other inhuman portrayals, strange and supernatural storytelling for the sole purpose of seeking terror and horror” were henceforth banned from audio visual content in an effort to better “control and cleanse the negative effect these items have on society, and to prevent horror, violent, cruel publications from entering the market through official channels and to protect adolescents’ psychological health.”

      Kind of silly and stupid, but hey…. that’s pretty much communism in a nutshell. Go figure. About the only way around the ban seems to be if you are doing a “re-make” of an earlier film… given that you’d almost have to be able to reference such stuff as long as it was part of that earlier film. I guess that’s why we are seeing so many re-makes out of HK these days.

      Oh…. and “time travel” is a no-no too…. 😉

      Ahhh… and you are right Novia… “The Eye” is soooo darn good!!

    • Yes… it’s very strange given the popularity and success of such films in other Asian film markets. The Chinese film authorities even recently issued guidelines to direct filmmakers to try to make Chinese films more “commercially viable” in the world cinema market. A shame they do that while making them labor under such old fashioned and outdated notions as I mentioned above.

      The modern Chinese citizen isn’t as foolish, superstitious and gullible as that….. it’s a shame they get treated that way.

  2. Damn you beat me to this one 😉 Actually I saw it a couple weeks back and as you know I am a HUGE Pang Bros. fan, and I actually had to watch it again to make sure it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. I’ll be writing more over my site in the next day or two, but my feelings are exactly the same as yours – those quite ridiculous things that you mention are all out there in the first 15 minutes of the movie, and it is fighting a losing battle after that point. The hypnotist seems to have been a story idea that maybe got excised somewhere along the line, and it just falls into complete nothingness. The Brothers have had some failures before, but this one just seemed lazy. The only highlight would be my game of guessing what colour Angelica’s hair might be in each scene 🙂

    I also watched “Hong Kong Ghost Stories”. It’s a as bad as I feared. I’ll write more soon 😉

    Caroline – if you are interested in the Pang Bros. work, “The Eye” is the obvious place to start, they have never really topped that. But other places to have a little look (and yes the links are to my own reviews, but I don’t think Neko minds a bit of occasional cross-pollination):

    Ab-Normal Beauty – A rather dark psycological thriller, that for some odd reason I have not reviewed.

    Diary – My fave Pang brother movie (http://elpeevio.blogspot.com/2009/10/30-diary.html)

    The C+ and B+ Detective Films – Lovely little Detective movies based in Thailand (http://elpeevio.blogspot.com/2011/08/capsules-too-many-to-list.html)

    Re-Cycle – A beautiful fantasy film, possibly better to look at than actually enjoy as a filme (http://elpeevio.blogspot.com/2011/12/re-cycle.html)

    In Love With The Dead – In my opinion, a very underrated classic (http://elpeevio.blogspot.com/2010/04/58-in-love-with-dead.html)

    • It’s rare lately when I beat you to the punch…. 😉

      Yeah… I was disappointed with this one… I haven’t managed to catch a good one yet to contribute to Caroline’s Foreign Movie Festival but there’s still lots of time… and still soooo darn many films to watch.

      Actually… if you are interested, you should check out her post over at her Blog, “Beautyisasleepingcat” HERE!! You might get a kick out of joining in and making a couple of reviews. (Psssst!!! And you actually watch good movies once in a while… where my film tastes tend to be… well… sort of goofy for the most part. 😉 )

      And links? Never a problem for you dear… I’m always glad to share some space with you, although I think you got stuck in my “moderation queue” by adding so many to a comment, Hehehehe!! 😉

    • I Haven’t seen Angelica Lee’s “Missing”… although I’m not exactly certain why. I enjoy her… and Tsui Hark is a director who usually does work I find interesting… and he wrote, produced and directed this particular one so I’m just clueless why I missed it back in 2008…

      I’m going to have to fix that…. 😉

  3. Hmmm, make that two of us Neko. A Tsui Hark movie… Angelica Lee….. Isabella Leong….. Heck even ‘big’ Tony Leung. Sounds right up my alley, I can’t believe I haven’t watched it either! Though the imdb reviews are less than stellar, which in and of itself is nothing to go by :-). Methinks there are two of us going to hunt this one down.

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