6 comments on ““Alamak… Toyol!” (2011) Malay Ghost/ Comedy

  1. Wow!! I didn’t realize Malay has so much in common.Tuyul is also Indonesian ghost…but they are very small,not that big.

    I think you better watch the old Indonesian film about tuyul…much more serious than this. It was staring a man named Darto Helm, unfortunately I have forgotten the tittle as I watched it decades ago

    • These legends also remind me of the “baby ghosts” that are in some Chinese movies too… There is a folklore there that a family can bind one of these ghosts to give the family prosperity, but at a cost.

      I remember a recent Taiwanese movie about it, “The Heirloom” back in 2005.

      • It is in the middle of the night and I am all alone at home…so I am not going to watch that trailer 😉
        I might see ‘things’ I don’t want to see 😉

      • Hehehe!! Tell Kame & Kroten to be extra fierce and keep Mommy safe from the “baby ghosts”… They’ll keep those nasty spirits away. 😉

  2. I’m from Malaysia and surprisingly, I haven’t heard some of the movie you reviewed here. Guess I’m not a horror fan. You should watch Al-Hijab made in 2011 by Pierre Andre. He’s good in making horror movie, but, bad when it comes to a romantic one. Some said Al-Hijab is the ultimate horror movie for the year 2011 in Malaysia. There’s a lot of good review from other Malaysian about Al-Hijab.

    Alamak…Toyol! is by far not my cup of tea. There’s a drama about Toyol which is also a comedy and by far are better than the movie. The drama Toyol is more efficient in stealing though.

    • It’s nice to hear from a Malaysian visitor to the ol’ Litterbox. I have seen the trailer and I soooo want to see “Al-Hijab” but the only DVD I can find comes without any English subtitles…. 😦

      I was disappointed by “Alamak… Toyol!” for the most part. I had wanted it to be a funny little comedy with warmth and heart like other Malay horror comedies I’ve seen, unfortunately for me it fell a bit flat overall.

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