19 comments on ““Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” (2011) – Horror/ Suspense/ Thriller

  1. great review Miyuki-nechan!! I have to agree with Carolyn, once in a while you need to watch something without subtitle πŸ˜‰

    funny thing is I have just watch this movie too, I didn’t know it was a remake. I will write mini review along with other movies soon.

    the appearance of Katie Holmes really put me off, thank God I like Guy Pearce. But I quite like the ending.

    • I’m not really that fond of Katie Holmes either but I think that’s mostly due to her association with Tom Cruise whom I’ve always though of as a pompous ass. She was OK in this one, but I wish they had explored the relationship between her character and Sally and strengthened the feelings between them for the ending to have been more poignant.

      Ooooh, yes!! The older version of this one was less of a big budget film, having been made specifically for TV, but it scared me silly as a young girl. I got so frightened that there really might be evil little things like them in our own house back in California that my Grandma ended up lending me one of her old canes so I could poke under things to scare them away. Yes… I was smart enough to know they couldn’t possibly be real, but to a child, nothing is absolutely out of the question so I just had to make sure. Took a couple of months for me to get over it.

      Weirdly enough, Carolyn says she has never seen that old movie… but she grew up doing lots of different stuff than strange lil’ me. πŸ˜‰

      • It’s not available on regular DVD at the moment, but you can still get it on DVD-R directly from Amazon if you want.

        I’m thinking of picking up a copy to see it again as it’s been a lot of years since it played on TV here in the US.

      • If you order the Warner Archive release do notice they have released two different versions of it; the original barebone dvd-r release and a new one that reportedly contains a commentary track and is remastered. The latter one has “special edition” on the cover. I don’t know how much remastering was put into it as my own version is a dvd-r off a video tape. ^_^

      • Ahhh… nice to know. I didn’t realize there were two different versions available.

        Depending on the price I might just like having that extra stuff… sometimes those commentaries are really interesting. Thanks for the “heads up” Jack!! πŸ˜‰

      • You’re welcome. πŸ˜€

        I haven’t checked Amazon.com but on Amazon UK the Special Edition is the cheaper one (it came out last year whereas the barebone one was released in 2009).

      • Hehehe!! My goodness… I’m such an easily convinced lil’ goof…

        Well. It’s all ordered up and on it’s way. Looks like we might just get another “comparison review” as well as something for my “Lil’ Kitten Classics” category all in one. πŸ™‚

      • Easily convinced. o_O

        Listen to my voice, Neko, you feel like putting next month’s film allowance + lots of lollies, and your best homemade ready-to-microwave Asian food into a big box and ship in direction Viking land. Do it, do it, do it…


  2. Great review, Katgirl! I haven’t watched this remake yet but will do so at some stage. However, I must admit I’m not racing to the nearest eStore to get the DVD. I love the original film and I certainly recommend everyone to watch it.

    • It’s worth a look just for the lil’ creatures… the CGI really makes them effective lil’ menaces. However… those plot flubs…. they are noticeable if such lapses in logic bother you.

  3. PS: a chick-flick with “ghosts, kung-fu, zombies, or aliens in it”… hmm… yeah, I think there’s one or two of them out there! LOLZ

    • I’m tempted to rent “Starman” with Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. That’s probably the closest I’ll come to a good romance Scifi for us….

      There are also a couple of Korean Romantic comedies in my collection that ought to work. We’ll see… πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah… but I’m trying to think of ones that aren’t my usual “Asian” stuff… There are definitely times when I think that a steady diet of them makes Carolyn less than thrilled. Not that she’d ever complain… she’s too nice for that. πŸ˜‰

      Actually… my favorite Asian romance has to be “The Bride With White Hair”… So darn melodramatic and tragic…. I always cry at the end.

  4. Good review. I really enjoy Del Toro. The first movie I saw was The Devil’s Backbone. I’ve followed along since. I’ll be honest though. I prefer his Spanish Language films to the others. I’m sure I’ll watch this one too. Your complaints are about the same things I usually pick on. With that in mind, I can set it aside and just enjoy the film.

    • I don’t have a credit card either… I keep getting problems with the card being compromised and then having to cancel it and fix things…. so darn annoying!!

      Instead I have only a debit card that I use for online purchases, that way I only risk whatever money in the account and I only put just enough in to fill it to order things once every couple of weeks. Before that I had to send money orders everywhere… but those can be such a problem when you send them overseas.

      You must do all your shopping locally instead… You have good luck then being near a big city like Jakarta. πŸ˜‰

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