7 comments on ““Ladda Land” aka “ลัดดาแลนด์” (2011) – Thai Ghost/ Horror

  1. This sounds like a fantastic film. I love the way there are parallel stories going on: one at the mundane level and the other at the supernatural. It sounds like it’s got one heck of a one-two punch. Often the best or at least most engrossing and affecting stories have a similar structure and it sounds like this is one of those films. Cool review and nice to hear about a film I may have never had heard about otherwise.

  2. It was a good film that I really enjoyed watching with a lot more going for it than was apparent from the Trailer. It’s so much more than just a well crafted ghost story or horror film and I hope a lot more people find that out.

    Thanks for dropping by and maybe finding a new film you might like too! If you do…. then this wee Catgirl’s done her job! 😉

  3. Heya! So happy you liked this one – like you I thought it succeeded in not just being genuinly scary at times, but also managed that rare task of having something else to say as well – so much so, I think it could have possibly have succeeded without the supernatural elements! I am currently struggling with my “Best of 2011” post, and this was one of the easiest to choose.

    Thanks yet again for the plug (one day I really must return the favour, or maybe review a film at the same time!).

    • As always… glad to point some people your way! 😉

      I definitely agree… this would have been a very good lil’ drama all on it’s own. About my only quibble was the way Nan just kind of disappears from the story once she moves out. Granted it gives Thee’s character more of a feeling of failure and abandonment, but I would have like it better I think, if her mother had tried even once to meet her away from the house and act the role of mediator… try to talk her into maybe returning. It just seemed so cold and abrupt without that. It would have been a good dramatic chance to for Nan to express to her mother the unsaid feelings of envy she had for the way her little brother seemed to be the one given all their attention and love rather than her. I could sense that… but it was never really explored as a motivation for her chilly feelings towards her parents.

      Hopefully I’ll get a few more well made films like this in the near future. It was a really nice change from the mostly stale stuff I’d seen lately.

  4. ow my, this sound like a great movie. I like a horror with some real life story got mix in it. As you can see how much I like Orphanage.

    hahaha I think people in your country need to watch more Asian and European movies, Hollywood is getting TOO predictable nowadays

  5. That picture reminds me a lot of a commercial I did.. ironically for a hotel.
    I love horror films though, will have to check this out! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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