5 comments on “A Catgirl’s Cozy Kitchen… “Chicken Rajma and Rice”

    • Ooooohhh!! It was tasty…. and it was a big hit with Carolyn too. She said it was the best “chili” she’d ever had….. I didn’t have the heart to tell her differently, Hehehehe!!

      OMG… don’t tell me that you are “kitchen deficient” too… I swear my poor sweetie could burn water if she tried to boil some. You must be able to cook something…. Say it isn’t so!! 😉

    • It did come out particularly nicely this time… I’ve made it before so I knew it would work well though. 😉

      My mom wasn’t actually much of a cook when I was growing up… most of that fell to my grandmother. I’ve had katsudon but it was never the sort of thing we ate much at our house, my dad preferring simpler “American” fare. That tended to mean we ate out a lot…. maybe that’s why I’ve always felt very “at home” in a restaurant… 🙂

  1. I was quite lucky that my Mum’s a good cook. Can’t remember her trying much Japanese fair though.

    A love of cooking though is reasonably sure to translate to a love a food. Which makes restaurants the perfect place to check out new stuff 🙂

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