4 comments on ““Seru” (2011) – Malay Ghost/ Horror

  1. When will the shaky cam fad end?! These screen caps look great but I can’t watch that stuff anymore. If the film production can’t hire an actual cinematographer why make your audience suffer? I am interested in some decent Indonesian horror though.

  2. If you want really good Indonesian efforts, try the works of Joko Anwar… he’s a very quirky Indonesian director who’s films always manage to do something different. I can definitely recommend both.

    There’s “Kala”…. an odd fusion of old “film noir” detective films and horror. Or “The Forbidden Door”, a psychological horror movie within a movie. Both very, very worth a look.

    I did reviews for both some time back and there are Trailers linked in if you want to take a look. 😉

    • I have to say, of all of them, I actually liked this one the best…. but the “shaky cam” hasn’t let go yet. 😉

      I’ve got at least one more to go… an Indonesian one called “Keramat”. Hopefully I’ll have that one watched and reviewed soon. Then perhaps the “curse” will let me go… Hehehehe!! 😉

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