5 comments on “Lazy Monday Mornin’ “Me Time”…

  1. somehow…you are like turtle in the winter….hibernating 😉

    But I also like to lay low on cold days, as cold as it gets in Indonesia that is. You make me want to take martial art class too…I need to get my body moving once in a while, but martial art courses are quite expensive here.

    What’s seru about?? seru means fun, somehow I can’t imagine it as a title for horor movie.
    ah…I forgot to tell you, my ex student wrote the script of a comedy horror called pocong juga pocong. I haven’t seen it yet, maybe you will be interested 😉

    • Sorry it’s taken so long to reply… but I’ve been so darn distracted and busy with Christmas holiday preparations for both my own personal stuff as well those at work. (And yes… I’m still in the grip of winter’s “slug mode”…. ;))

      Tai Chi class is really fun…. much more so than even I expected it to be. I think I’m enjoying it even more than the dance classes Carolyn and I took together. If you can find a class that isn’t too costly, you should definitely try it Novia, I think you’d like it too.

      I should have “Seru” up soon, I have it mostly written, but I had some trouble getting the time to do my screen captures and edit them for it, however, as of last evening, that’s all done.

      “Seru” means “fun” in Malay? Really? By watching the film, I cant see why they chose that for a title…. it’s certainly a bloody, scary film that has little about it that could be confused for fun, Hehehehe!!

      Ooohhh! Yes, I’d like to hear about your student’s script… is it in English or Indonesian? Poor lil’ me is hopeless at Bahasa Indonesia. I know a few words here and there, but not many. Will you be reviewing it at your Blog?

  2. Miss Nekoneko,

    Always enjoy your posts abut other things than films (even the ones about lazying away in morning gown in front of the computer, LOL). Anyway, what I wanted to say is in regards to the closed shops: Did you check my reply to you on Backyard Asia? I mentioned a shop for you in Malaysia that someone said is good. You might wanna check it out. There are quite a few films I’m gonna order from that place on payday.

    You have snow? Gee, I’m in icy Scandinavia and we haven’t had anything yet (and yes, it’s making the polar bears grumpy, haha).

  3. I did see those… and I was especially interested in giving the Hindi place a try, as there are some new Hindi horror coming soon that I just can’t wait to see.

    Hehehehe… my lazy mornings are really something alright. Carolyn calls my sleepy wanderings through the apartment “Mornings of the Living Dead”…. Back when my hair was longer I’d have this disheveled “Long Haired Ghost” vibe crossed with that. Not really me at my most attractive, I can tell you. What can I say? Coffee fixes anything. 😉

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