4 comments on ““Ragini MMS” (2011) – Hindi Ghost/ Horror

  1. whuahahaha…I have never had so much fun reading a movie I will never watched like today. Your rants and comments are bloody hilarious….masterpiece in ranting. Honestly, your comment is way more fun than the movie’s plot

    Lucky the movie didn’t end up with the ghost dancing n singing in front of the camera 😉

  2. I know…. I know… I went just a wee bit crazy in this review but some of the plot stuff just really made me sooooo mad!! Carolyn could see me getting worked up while we watched it and tried her best to get me in a better mood but she wasn’t completely successful at it. It didn’t help that she could barely keep from laughing at me the whole time…. I’m just too sensitive about women being made to look stupid like they did in this one.

    Hindi films are always so strange for me… they never quite want to be just one thing. There are always some elements in them of comedy, romance, drama, and music even if it doesn’t seem appropriate. And they are usually sooooo darn long….. but that seems to be getting better as they start making more movies aimed at attracting non-Indian audiences. Hopefully I’ll enjoy my next Hindi film more…. 😉

  3. Hi…your reviews of Indian movies are pretty accurate. I enjoy watching all types of Asian horror movies. But I must say Indian horror movies aren’t really very terrifying…I mean honestly over the years i have watched several movies which make me laugh more than scared.

    This movie however was a total washout on the Indian box office and apparently wasn’t well received by Indian audiences either. To some extent you might be correct about the culture in Indian entertainment about the worthless treatment of women…but that’s changed a lot now…however this movie can sure make any women’s blood boil.

    As for a Hindi horror flick “Hawa” released in 2003 was nicely done if you wanna check it out. It was pretty scary to watch but come to think of it i was pretty young and easily scared at that time.
    I see that you enjoy horror movies a lot…but if you are interested in watching movies of other genre than i can suggest some Hindi films which you might find interesting. 🙂

    • Hindi horror films do seems to struggle when it comes to really being scary, but I always seem to return to them again and again. It does strike me that they have made some serious attempts to become better, and I can say that the female characterizations have improved in the decade or so since I’ve been watching…. certainly better than some of the older films from the 80’s that I’ve seen.

      I had heard of the rather disappointing reception by domestic Indian audiences, but I’ve never tried to let that stop me from watching a film…. sometimes it just means a filmmaker has pushed his attempt to reach a broader “world audience” and lost touch with his own as a result.

      I haven’t encountered “Hawa” yet, but it’s probably one of those that slipped past this wee Catgirl. Thanks for mentioning it, I’ll have to see if I can’t track it down.

      Yes… although scary horror films seem to be my main interest, I do actually watch other things as well… especially if I’m looking to keep my sweetie happy on “movie night”. She’s fairly tolerant of my goofy tastes, but prefers light comedy or romance stories.

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